Zuljikstani Civil War

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Zuljikstani Civil War
Zulj collage.png
Clockwise from the top left: SRA 13th Army elements crossing the Kazaristani border; UDRA-affiliated militiamen in [TBD]; Interior Ministry troops outside [TBD]; ZRAF troops defending [TBD]
DateSeptember 8th, 2020 - present


  • ZCP split into pro-Keshtmend and pro-Achekzai factions
  • Achekzai supporters gain control of government; Interior Ministry sides with Keshtmend
  • UDRA forms in the North, joins forces with several jihadi groups
  • Stasnov launches air campaign and ground intervention
 Zuljikstan (ZCP-A)
Supported by:
ZCP-K Flag.png ZCP-K
Supported by:
UDRA Flag.jpg UDRA Supported by:
 Ziridava (alleged)
Independent forces
Commanders and leaders
Zuljikstan Ahmed Achekzai
Zuljikstan Azim Mered
Zuljikstan Afrasiab Badami
Stasnov Nikita Kartsev
Stasnov Pyotr Kaverin
ZCP-K Flag.png Maazullah Keshtmend  
ZCP-K Flag.png Sayed Sediq Jabarkhyl
ZCP-K Flag.png Ahmed Atal Nur
ZCP-K Flag.png Lutfullah Yacoobzai
UDRA Flag.jpg Umar Taj Mustaghni
UDRA Flag.jpg Yadollah Yadollah
UDRA Flag.jpg Abdulrahim Khaibulaev
UDRA Flag.jpg Zaibullah Wardak
UDRA Flag.jpg Abu Abzari al-Sarkasi
UDRA Flag.jpg Sharbat Saghar Rostum
Units involved
Zuljikstan ZRAF
Zuljikstan ZCP-A militias
Stasnov 13th Army
ZCP-K Flag.png Interior Ministry troops
ZCP-K Flag.png Local Security Forces
ZCP-K Flag.png ZCP-K militias
UDRA Flag.jpg UDRA
UDRA Flag.jpg UILM
UDRA Flag.jpg RBF
UDRA Flag.jpg UKA
UDRA Flag.jpg Huraas al-Tawid
UDRA Flag.jpg WVDF
Zuljikstan 75,000
Stasnov ~100,000
ZCP-K Flag.png 55,000
UDRA Flag.jpg 50,000 TBD
Casualties and losses
Zuljikstan ~9,000
ZCP-K Flag.png ~4,000
UDRA Flag.jpg ~14,000



Foreign reactions[edit]