Zolevskoy National Party

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Zolevskoy National Party
Золвскаьа Национална партия
Flag of the ZNP
Flag of the Zolevskoy National Party
IdeologyFar-right, Zolevskoyan ultranationalism, anti-socialism
Motive(s)Creation of a Zolevskoyan ethnostate, and expansion of Zolevskoyan territories
LeaderGrozdan Aleksandrov
Area of operationsThroughout Vesperia, mainly Zolevskoy
Allies Elesar
 Granzery (disputed)
Opponent(s) Zolevskoy
 Granzery (disputed)

The Zolevskoy National Party (Золвскаьа Национална партия) is a far-right organization founded in 2001 in the Republic of Zolevskoy, and is motivated by the creation of a Zolevskoyan ethno-state through armed resistance and acts of terrorism. TThe group has been active since 2001 and has claimed responsibility for various attacks. Although few states support the ZNP, Elesar has been confirmed to have voiced support. Odentia has also been accused of arming the group by the Zolevskoyan government, but has denied these accusations.