Zolevskoy-Volgaria relations

Zolevskoyan-Volgarian relations, while first formally established in 1710 between the Principality of Zolevskoy and the Kingdom of Volgaria on an official level, the peoples and former states encompassing both territories have had heavy interaction with one another since antiquity. Modern relations from the early 20th century to the present day have usually been tense, with the two states almost always having ideological differences and rivaling geopolitical objectives. Although the countries have never fought any conventional wars since the Second Great War, the two states have had frequent military standoffs, and more recently have been proxy wars in the Ausferilandian Civil War. Some efforts have been made by third party states to achieve peace between Zolevskoy and Volgaria, although no attempts so far have had any success. Although travel between the two states is permitted, the Zolevskoyan government advises its citizens against travelling to Volgaria due to it being seen as an enemy state, with the Volgarian Ministry of State Affairs advising similar warnings against travel to Zolevskoy due to the perceived unsafe nature of the country for Volgarians as a result of recent events in Ausferiland. Although diplomatic relations exist between both states, there have been periods of tensions where ties have almost been severed either by Volgaria or Zolevskoy.

Zolevskoyan-Volgarian relations

Zolevskoy (green), Volgaria (orange)

Economic and cultural ties are very limited, as Volgaria is major member of the Véragyőr Security Organization, while Zolevskoy has continued to increase it's economic and military ties with Vazandia and the ABC Defense Entente. Tensions have especially reached an all-time high during the civil war in Ausferiland, as Zolevskoy has militarily supported the government while Volgaria has deeply aided the unrecognized breakaway state of Ausfer-Volgaria in a proxy war.

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