ZPA movement

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Strakni Provincial Army

Zdraški Provinční Armáda
Zsakorek Vidéki Hadsereg
Founded1975 (1975)
IdeologyStraknian nationalism
Revolutionary socialism
Revolutionary nationalism
Political positionLeft-wing to Far left

The Strakni Provincial Army is an illegal armed organization that is part of the Straknian independence movement in the Straknia region of Granzery.

Origins of the conflict[edit]

Until the 1800s, Straknia or then known as Diravia-Bessaria had never historically been controlled by Granzery. It was only after the conclusion of the Five Decade's War that Granzery was ceded Diravia-Bessaria from the Holy Vazandisch Empire. In 1949 after the conclusion of the Second Great War, the Strakni received their first taste of independence since approximately 1600AD. However, after the Transkarpatian War and subsequent Granzerian victory saw Straknia be annexed by Granzery once again. The conclusion of the Transkarpatian war saw the birth of the ZPA, from former Straknian communists who opposed the new Granzerian rulers of the state, seeking a return to the Straknian independence of the mid 20th Century.