Yetpa War

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Yepta War
Part of the Parabellum and the Soft War
Date14 February 1968 – 1 July 1975
(7 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 3 days)

[Pro-democracy Yepta group name] and Acronian victory

  • End of [Yepta royal family last name] rule in Yepta
  • Withdrawal of Acronian forces from Yepta
  • Provisional Yeptan Military Junta takes power
  • Start of the [name for Military Junta's reign of terror]
Yepta [Pro-democracy Yepta group name]
Commanders and leaders
Acronia Joseph Calvaire
Acronia Paul Milais
Acronia Serge Palasi
Acronia Mason F. DeWitt
Acronia Michael Armitage
Acronia Didier Montaigne