From Atlas

Type Anti-personnel fragmentation mine
Place of origin Astronea
Service history
In service 2014-present
Used by Astronean Armed Forces
Production history
Designer Ostresh Advanced Systems
Designed 2012
Manufacturer ACC Defence Division
Unit cost $550
Produced 2013-present
Length 90 mm (3.5 in)
Width 30 mm
Height 300 mm

Effective range 123 m (135 yd)
Filling C4
Filling weight 0.68 kg
Remote activated blasting cap, IR laser tripwire
Blast yield 50 m (fatal), up to 200 m (injury)

The X-DIR is an advanced anti personnel mine, and one of the first Astronean weapons to be synchronized to a "smart" electronic squad interface system. The mine's detonation system syncs to IFF signatures of friendly devices, preventing friendlies from triggering the mine. If a friendly device module passes by the mine within 1 metre, the mine will temporarily disarm.

The mine can be controlled remotely via a signal link to the operator, allowing the operator to arm, disarm or remotely detonate the mine. The mine is typically triggered by the breaking of an infared laser tripwire. The housing of the mine's body is packed with ball bearings, which when triggered, fire at high velocity in a 180 degree cone, which are lethal at close range. The X-DIR uses a number of plastic materials, making it difficult to detect by mine sweepers.


The X-DIR is stabilized by four leg prongs, but can be fastened to surfaces with wiring or adhesive tape that will not interfere with the explosive's function. It is powered by a dual-cell battery with a battery life of up to one year. The electronics systems run on auxillery low-usage power cells that can be recharged via outlets or even with solar power.

The body of the X-DIR is a tall plastic cylinder which is packed with small ball bearings around the C-4 filament. Upon detonation, the ball bearings will spread outwards to distances of up to 200 metres, penetrating up to 20 mm of pine and ripping through sheet metal. At extreme close ranges the ball bearings will tear through most personal body armour. Projectile density is approximately 2 per square metre of a 50 metre radius.

The electronics system runs on a bare bones encrypted radio-communication signal that will synchronize with authorized IFF devices to minimize the risk of friendly fire. However, the X-DIR may be detonated remotely via radio signal, an electronic or mechanical detonation switch for additional redundancy. It is compatible with most radio and electronic explosive firing devices.

The primary detonation method is an infrared tripwire, invisible to the naked eye, which when broken, will electronically activate the pressure cap fuze and detonate the C4 filling, exploding the mine. This IR tripwire can be split into four individual directions per mine, aimed manually by the mine's operator. To minimize the risk of misfires and interruptions from non-combatants and the environment, only objects with a thickness of at least 2 inches will detonate the tripwire, although the laser's sensitivity can be adjusted as needed.