Weapons of the Estherian Revolution

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This article is about the weapons used in the Estherian Revolution, which involved the Estherian People's Army (EPA), Aesto-Estherian Liberation Front (AELF), and the Estherian Continental Army (ECA), and a variety of irregular troops.

Most of the weapons used by the EPA and AELF were provided from foreign assistance, including equipment from Vazandia, Stasnov, Gorbatov, Granzery and New Cambria, as well as a large number of captured Continental equipment.

The Estherian Continental Army made use of a variety of domestically produced equipment mostly originating from a variety of Granzerian and Elesarian arms designers who fled to Estheria in the aftermath of the Second Great War.

Revolutionary forces and weapons[edit]

Many of the Revolutionary forces were poorly equipped, while a number of uniformed army units defected to the Revolutionary side throughout the course of the war, the bulk of the Revolutionary forces consisted of poorly equipped and poorly organised insurgent forces. Despite this, the revolutionaries made excellent use of guerilla warfare strategies in the difficult terrain of Estheria, and were ultimately able to defeat the Estherian Continental Army in most engagements that occured outside of urban environments. The most common firearm in the arsenal of the EPA and AELF was the venerable Stasnovan AKM, which found their way into EPA hands throughout the course of the war.

Continental weapons[edit]

The bulk of the Estherian Continental army were equipped with the Williams Carbine, a modification of the Granzerian GW2-era submachine gun, the Gep. 41K, which was the primary infantry rifle of the ECA. Although during this time the ECA was also beginning to introduce into its armed forces the Jackson 60 assault rifle, which was intended to replace the Williams in Estherian service. The ECA, unlike the EPA, made heavy use of armoured vehicles, including the Kaczynski 49 a main battle tank based off an Elesarian design of the second great war.

Weapons of the EPA/AELF[edit]

Pistols and revolvers[edit]

  • Artemus Model 38 – standard Estherian military sidearm, coopted into use by the EPA and AELF.
  • Makarov pistol – provided in large quantities by Granzery, Stasnov and Gorbatov.

Infantry rifles[edit]

  • AKM assault rifle – Provided by Gorbatov and Stasnov most common weapon in the EPA.
  • AK65 assault rifle – Provided by Granzery
  • AK59 assault rifle – Provided by Granzery
  • M48 assault rifle – Used by the AELF
  • M38 carbine – Used by the AELF
  • SKS semi-automatic carbine - used by all VP-aligned forces

Weapons of the ECA[edit]




Aircraft weapons[edit]


Small arms[edit]

Handguns and revolvers[edit]

Automatic and semi-automatic rifles[edit]

  • Williams Carbine - standard issue, Granzerian GW2-era submachine gun rechambered for 7.62x33mm
  • Jackson 60 assault rifle - limited service
  • M45 assault rifle - extensive service

Submachine guns[edit]

  • MP 40 submachine gun
  • SMG M44A3 submachine gun