War of Estherian Independence

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War of Estherian Independence

Clockwise from top: United Provinces soldiers, United Provinces mortars, United Provinces troops during battle, Estherian officers during a battle.
Date8th January 1870 – 30th November 1874
(4 years, 10 months, 3 weeks and 1 day)

Estherian Victory

  • Independence of Estheria
  • Collapse of the United Provinces of East Antigonia, formation of the Republic of New Cambria
United Provinces of East Antigonia
Units involved

Estherian Continental Army

United Provinces Army

Total served: 798,000 Total served: 830,000
Casualties and losses
Total dead: 113,400
killed in battle: 55,000+
Total dead: 154,782
killed in battle: 70,000+

The War of Estherian Independence was a civil war fought in the United Provinces of East Antigonia from 1870 to 1874, between the United Provinces and Estheria. The War began in 1870 after the United Provinces of East Antigonia voted to ban the practice of slavery, which was a cornerstone of the economies of the Southern Provinces of what was later known as Estheria, immediately following the decision to ban slavery, wealthy Southern landowners and government officials took control of the Southern provinces and declared independence from the United Provinces. The loyalists of the Provinces in the North, proclaimed support for the Constitution and faced the secessionists of Estheria.


Course of the war[edit]