War of 1894

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War of 1894

Ithaque Confederate Army Forces during the conflict.
Date14th July 1894 – 3rd December 1894
(4 months, 2 weeks and 5 days)

Estherian tactical victory

  • Estheria retains independence
 New Cambria  Estheria
Units involved

New Cambria New Cambrian Provinicial Army

Estheria Estherian Continental Army

Total served: 498,000 Total served: 730,000
Casualties and losses
Total dead: 39,700 Total dead: 60,000+'

The War of 1894 was an attempt by the revanchist New Cambrian Unionist Party to reunite the former United Provinces of East Antigonia. The War began in Mid-July 1894 when New Cambrian forces crossed into Estheria, immediately met by the citizen-militia of the Estherian provinces of Apalachee and Itahque. The more organized and well-equipped New Cambrian forces enjoyed great success against these militia forces until the Estherian forces proper arrived in August 1894. The New Cambrian advanced stalled throughout August and September, and were pushed back to the New Cambrian border by October. The New Cambrians offered a peace settlement to Estheria, which was denied.

Estherian forces advancing into New Cambria suffered greatly under the brutal New Cambrian winter of November, and after a disastrous offensive, the Estherian government accepted a status quo ante bellum agreement which came into effect in December.


Course of the war[edit]