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Voyageur S.A.
TypeSociété anonyme
Traded asBdD: VYS
IndustryComputer hardware
Computer software
Consumer electronics
Cloud computing
Founded21 September 1977; 46 years ago (21 September 1977)
Founder(s)Henri Martin and Gabriel Farman
HeadquartersBarre-Karrigan, Odentia
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleAlain Pineau, CEO
Julie Cassel, chair
Henri Martin, technological advisor
ProductsFrégate operating system
ServicesVoyageur Global cloud computing service platform
RevenueIncrease ₳62.5 billion (2017)
Net incomeIncrease ₳8 billion (2017)
Employees288,000 (2016)

Voyageur, S.A. (founded Voyageur Systems) is an Odentia multinational technology company based in Barré-Karrigan primarily known for its highly successful Frégate operating system and its Voyageur Global cloud computing service platform, though its product lineup has variously included gaming consoles, computer hardware, and other forms of computer software. It is the largest company based in Odentia by both revenue and employee count, as well as one of the largest technology companies in the world.

Voyageur was founded in 1977 by Henri Martin and Gabriel Farman, students of the Université de Barré-Karrigan and members of the computer club there, to produce and distribute copies of Martin's Voyageur operating system, which had become popular among local computer users for its intuitivity and ease of use. The company soon began producing the Voyageur computer, designed by a mutual acquaintance, John Martin (no relation to Henri). The Voyageur computer became popular, at first within the enthusiast community and soon found broader popularity among home users.

Martin and Farman had soon parlayed their initial success into a thriving computer design and production corporation. The gradual transformation into the 1980s of Odentia's economy into that of a service-based market saw a further increase in Voyageur's fortunes. Voyageur successfully marketed their products, which by this time included a lineup of computers for both home and office use, to the growing number of financial services and other white-collar companies in Odentia. In 1993, Voyageur released the first version of the Frégate operating system, known as Frégate A. The system was widely lauded for its simplicity and intuitive ease of use, and it quickly found great popularity. In 2001, it was superceded by Fregate N.

As of 2019, the Frégate family of operating systems remains dominant in desktop PC market share. Voyageur began diversifying in the early 2000s, with forays into hardware manufacture, services, and video gaming. In 2002, the company launched Voyageur Global Lab to study the future of standardization and ease of access in computing and programming. In 2006, Voyager Global Lab released the Voyager Global suite of web services. This suite has steadily grown since then to become the largest distributed computing and technical infrastructure provider by market share in the world.