Vezér of Granzery

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Vezér of the
National Executive Cabinet of
Emblem of the Vezékabinet
Flag of the Granzerian Renaissance Party
István Árpád

since 6 June 2015
TypeParty leader, Head of State
Reports toSenate of Granzery
NominatorGranzerian Renaissance Party
AppointerNational Executive Cabinet

The Vezér of Granzery (Granzerian: Leader, Chief) or the Vezér of the National Executive Cabinet of the Kingdom of Granzery, was the Dictator of Granzery. The Vezér was the leader of the Granzerian Renaissance Party and was the highest-ranking official and Head of State in the Kingdom of Granzery from 2016 to 2021. The Vezér was the head of the Vezekabinet (National Executive Cabinet) and Commander-in-Chief of the Granzerian Royal Defence Force.

The position of Vezér was without terms or term limits, and a new Vezér voted upon by the Vezekabinet upon the dismissal, death or retirement of the incumbent Vezér. In this transitional phase the Prime Minister of Granzery was temporarily made the Vezér of Granzery. The Vezekabinet has the sole authority of dismissal of the Vezér.

The incumbent Vezér of Granzery was István Árpád, who was also the inaugural holder of the position.

Powers and Position[edit]

The Position of Vezér replaced the previous position of President of Granzery as the highest office in Granzery in 2018. The Vezér was the head of the Vezekabinet, as well as the Granzerian Renaissance Party and the Granzerian Senate. The Vezér holds ultimate power and authority over the Granzerian State, and has often been described as a Dictator.

A newly created body of the Granzerian Renaissance Party, formed in 2019, known as the Political Reformation Committee, exists to further advance the office of the Vezér in Granzery, and further consolidate power in Granzery to both the Granzerian Renaissance Party and the Vezér himself. The Political Reformation Committee also features two administrative bodies tasked with advancing national economic and foreign policy, both of which are headed by the Vezér, giving the Vezér absolute power over Granzerian economic and foreign policy.