Vertega V-8

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Vertega V-8
Vertega V-8 Blizzard in flight
Role Fighter aircraft
Manufacturer Vertega
First flight 18 December 1972
Introduction 18 March 1975
Status Retired
Primary user Granzerian Royal Air Force
Number built 400+
Developed into Vertega V-10

The Vertega V-8 (nicknamed "Blizzard") was a lightweight fighter aircraft designed by Vertega Aerospace to replace the Vertega V-7 and supplement heavier fighters such as the KmFzG-13 Weisserrabe. The aircraft first saw combat during the Transkarpatian War, during which the V-8, despite suffering from reliability issues, outperformed Stasnovan aircraft such as the VeK-21 and VeK-23.

Design and development[edit]


The aircraft's main design elements date to early 1965, from the GRAF Juhasz State Design Bureau Program 233. The P-233 was itself derived from the Vertega V-7, and features a longer fuselage, small leading-edge root extensions (LERX), and more powerful turbojets, rated at 40kN each. The wing was slightly elevated to increase ordnance flexibility.

Specifications (V-8A)[edit]

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Length:
  • Wingspan:
  • Height:
  • Powerplant: ×



  • Guns: 1× 20 mm FÉMC 081M six barrel rotary cannon
  • Missiles:IÖR 58M
    L 65M