Vertega V-3

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Vertega V-3 Fehérnyúl
V-3 aircraft in flight
Role Multirole aircraft
National origin Granzery
Manufacturer Vertega Aerospace
First flight 27 May 1958 (KFZ-3 Weisserrabe)
18 June 1973 (V-3I Fehérnyúl)
Retired 1995
Status Retired
Primary user Granzerian Air Force
Number built 738

The Vertega V-3 Fehérnyúl (Granzerian: "White Rabbit") was a twin-engine single-seat supersonic fighter aircraft used by the Granzerian Air Force from 1974-1995. The original stock of Vertega V-3s delivered between 1971-1975 were imported Vazandian KFZ-3e Weisserrabe aircraft provided on lend lease and purchased over the 4 years. The V-3I model introduced in 1974 was a domestic licence production of the aircraft.

Design and development[edit]


  • Vertega V-3: Identical to the Vazandian KFZ-3e Weisserrabe.
  • Vertega V-3I: A licence production of the KFZ-3e with an upgraded Granzerian radar and avionics suite and replacement of many minor components to fit Granzerian standardisation.
  • Vertega V-3I/T: Introduced in 1989, The V-3I/T featured an upgraded pulse doppler radar.

Operational History[edit]