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Vertega Aerospace Corporation
FoundedMarch 15, 1972; 52 years ago (1972-03-15)
HeadquartersVéragyőr, Granzery
Area servedWorldwide
Revenue$53.76 billion
Operating income$7.33 billion
Net income$5.04 billion
Total assets$44.87 billion
Total equity$1.39 billion

Vertega Aerospace Corporation is an Granzerian global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company with worldwide interests. It was formed in its current state after the privatisation of the Juhasz Design Bureau, which was in turn formed due to the nationalisation of the Vertega Corporation after 1949, it is currently one of the largest defence contractors in the world and the largest in Granzery.

Vertega is one of the largest companies in Atlas in the aerospace, defense, security, and technologies industry.


The original Vertega Motor Company was formed by Viktor Kiss in 1901, originally assembling motor cars. By 1910 the Vertega Motor Company began to move into development of aircraft, first developing the first practical aircraft in Granzery at the time, including providing the Granzerian Army with military aircraft during the First Great War. After the First Great War ended the Vertega Company abandoned its Automobile manufacturing, focusing entirely on aircraft manufacture. The Vertega Corporation provided the vast majority of the Granzerian aircraft throughout the Second Great War too, and has been described as producing some of the most capable combat aircraft in the world during the Second Great War, such as the Vertega V200.

The then communist government of Granzery installed after the end of the Second Great War took ownership of Vertega and rebranded the company as the Juhasz Design Bureau. The Juhasz Design Bureau produced Granzerian licence variants of many Stasnovan aircraft, such as the J-19, J-21 and J-7. Juhasz also went on to develop the first domestic Granzerian aircraft types developed after the Second Great War, the Juhasz J-9 "Gepard" and J-10, due to the Stasnovan government halting production licences after 1963 due to tense political environments in Granzery.

After the fall of communism in Granzery, Juhasz was once again Privatised, and renamed again to Vertega Aerospace Corporation.

The Vertega Aerospace is most well known for the design, manufacture and export of the Vertega V-10, which is currently the most exported multirole aircraft in Atlas.


Advanced design and development division[edit]


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Rotary and Mission Systems[edit]