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Verdesan State
Estado Verdesaño (Castrian)
Flag of Verdesa
National emblem of Verdesa
National emblem
Motto: Trabajo, Unidad, Patria
("Labour, Unity, Fatherland.")
and largest city
Official languagesCastrian (Verdesan)
Recognized Regional Languages
Ethnic groups92.4% Verdesan 4.7% Vardian
2.9% Other
GovernmentUnitary Resurgist dominant-party state
• Dirigente
Emilio Valderas
• Premier
Samuel Vergara
National People's Assembly
• Total
657,360 km2 (253,810 sq mi)
• 2020 estimate
• Density
129.6/km2 (335.7/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2020 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$2.558 trillion
• Per capita
Gini (2020)Steady 31.4
HDI (2020)Increase 0.891
very high
CurrencyEscudo (VEC)
Drives on theright

Verdesa, officially the Verdesan State (Castrian/Verdesan: Estado Verdesaño,) is a nation in western Vesperia located within the region of Elysia. Verdesa maintains coastlines to its north and south by the Achelian and Mistral sea's, while sharing a border with Acronia, Odentia and Colgasia to the west and to the east by Swardony and has a northern maritime boundary with Tenburg within the Tennish Gulf.

Modern humans in Verdesa can be traced back to nearly 45,000 years ago. Proto-Vardians and !Celts are believed to have been some of the first societies to permanently establish a presence in the region with various Vazandic tribes having also taken up settlement in the eastern territories. The entirety of modern-day Verdesa would be conquered by the Arlesian Hegemony in TBA, having subjugated the various tribes inhabiting it. Arlesia would form the captured lands into the Province of Viridia, and would subsequently begin a centuries-long colonization and integration campaign, lasting until the latter-stages of its existance. The gradual decline and eventual fall of the Hegemony would see the reintroduction and incursion of numerous !Celto-Vazandic tribes into the now near-lawless province.


Verdesa is a dominant-party state with the Dirigente being both the head of state and head of government, the current being Emilio Valderas. The nation has been ruled since 1950 by the National Resurgist Vanguard Party which took power via coup d'etat with support from the military. The location of government is in the capital and largest city Torense which is considered the core of the nation, being a hub of the country's main cultural, economic and political centres.






Ethnic groups[edit]

  Verdesan (92.4%)
  Vardian (4.7%)
  Other (2.9%)

The vast majority of people in Verdesa are identified as Verdesan, as government censuses categorize all Arlesic ethnic groups native to the region as such, in an attempt to promote and solidify a common, unified identity amongst these various groups, with Castrians, Lusians, Lacetans, Turdulans and Lynxeans are all organized into the category. Nearly all major cities, with the exception of Toja, maintain a predominantly Verdesan population. Vardians are the second-largest identified group with a population of nearly 4-million, and are concentrated in the eastern-most regions of the country. Toja is the predominant cultural centre of the Vardian community in Verdesa. Other minority groups that constitute less than three-percent of the population include Acronians, Meralans, Calfugueyans, Vazandians, Colgasians, Aestians and Sericans, all of whom maintain small communities present mainly in various neighbourhoods of Torense.


Castrian, called "Verdesan" by the government, is the predominant and sole official language on a national-level in Verdesa, spoken as a first language by nearly 85% of the population, and is the only language permitted to be spoken within government and educational institutions.

Major sub-national languages include Lusian, Lacetan, Turdulan, Lynxean and Vardian, and are used within their respective regions. Newspapers, signs, labels and other public text are commonly printed in both Castrian and the native language.