Veragyor Winter Revolution

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2020 Granzerian Revolution
Part of the Second Transkarpatian War
Clashes in Veragyor.
Date3 December 2020–17 January 2021 (1 month and 2 weeks)
  • Protesting, rioting, civil resistance, insurrection
Resulted inPartial Opposition victory
Parties to the civil conflict

Democratic Revolutionaries
Granzery Granzerian Royal Army (after January 15)

  • 1st Army Corps (In Veragyor)
    • 1st Armoured Division
      • 91. Mechanized Regiment
      • 41. Armoured Regiment
      • 1. Combat Engineer Regiment
    • 8th Armoured Division (In Csongrad)
      • 151. Mechanised Regiment

Ministry of the Interior

Granzerian Renaissance Party

  • Various Paramilitary Organizations
    • Kárpátia
    • ÚG / Turul
    • Såksesch Milis
    • North Border Troops
    • National Protection Units
    • Telifold Light Foot Militia
    • North Bastarny Citizen's Units
    • 3. Labatlan Guards Battalion
    • Nagyikanizsa State Troopers

Granzery Granzerian Royal Army

  • 2nd Army Corps
Lead figures
Units involved
  • 1,100,000–1,300,000 protesters
  • 62,000 insurrectionists
  • 40,000 military forces
  • 200,000–300,000 protesters
  • 12,000 insurrectionists
  • 5,000 military forces
  • 150,000 (Sejpedek)
  • 120,000 (Mejetet)
  • 50,000+ (Novak)
  • 110,000+ (others)

Law enforcement in Veragyor:

  • 19,000 Royal Gendarmerie
  • 8,000 Internal Troops
Pro-government demonstrations:
  • 20,000–60,000 (Veragyor)
  • 40,000 (Csongrad)
  • 10,000 (others)
Paramilitary Forces:
  • 25,000–26,000 (Veragyor)
  • 5,000 (Csongrad)
  • 21,000 (Csabadka)
  • 16,400 (others)
Casualties and losses
  • Deaths: 903
  • Missing: 2,166
  • Injured: 50,100+
  • Arrested: 3,077
  • Deaths: 362
  • Injured: 1,072
  • Captured: 106
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The 2020 Granzerian revolution, also known as the Winter revolution, Christmas Revolution or the Veragyor Winter, took place in Granzery from the 3rd of December 2020 to the 17 of January the following year, when a series of violent events involving protesters, riot police, and eventually military action in the capital, Veragyor, culminated in the ousting of the Vezér, István Árpád, the independence of Straknia and Transkarpatia and the beginning of the Second Transkarpatian War.

Following the Revolution the ruling Granzerian Republican Socialist Party ousted the monarchy which had been re-instated four years earlier by the Granzerian Renaissance Party and dissolved the office of the Vezér of Granzery and the institution of the Leading Committee. The Veragyor Security Organisation was also shortly thereafter dissolved. The resultant Granzerian government reinforced its commitment to neutrality and democracy, reaching towards the OCN, Vastava Pact and Entente for cooperation and a detente of relations.


A relatively peaceful transfer of power in the Granzerian senate occured following 2020 elections ended as Granzerian paramilitary personnel owing loyalty to the previously ruling Granzerian Renaissance Party stormed the Granzerian Senate and arrested 38 Republican Socialist lawmakers. Protests and Riots followed as demonstrators clashed with both paramilitary personnel and law enforcement. At least nine people were killed on the first day, including three security personnel at the Senate building; an unknown under of people were injured, and throughout the next two days another 32 people were killed.

On the 13th of January, the Granzerian government declared a national state of emergency and national curfew. In response some 40,000 protesters advanced on the Royal Diet building where the Granzerian Renaissance Party was temporarily governing the nation in support of ousting the Vezér of Granzery and Vezekabinet and restoring the Granzerian constitution to its pre-2016 form, which had been overturned following the assassination of then Granzerian President Viktor Haraszti and assumption of power by Istvan Arpard. Royal Gendarmerie blocked their path and the confrontation turned violent. Gendarmerie opened fire upon protestors initially using rubbet bullets (but began using live ammunition when armed protestors began throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at police, protestors, who were not armed at this point, retreated from the Royal Diet siege after an estimated 4 law enforcement and over 60 protestors were killed.

Later on the evening of January 13, clashes between protestors, law enforcement, and paramilitary groups began to spread to other areas of Granzery, including Mejetet, Sejpedek and Csongrad. While these clashes did not see the same international attention as the clashes in Veragyor, it is estimated at least 100 people were killed in clashes outside of the Capital, including 30 killed as Strakni Provincial Army militants seized the Straknian capital building.

On January 14 the Granzerian Vezer instituted a total media blackout on the situation in Granzery as disloyal elements of the Granzerian Military announced their loyalty to the ousted government and began a counter-coup. While military forces did not directly clash with pro-government law enforcement, many paramilitary groups based in Veragyor and the surrounding area were targeted by military personnel who arrested in excess of one thousand paramilitary soldiers. During a raid on a paramilitary compound belonging to the National Protection Units, Granzerian military personnel uncovered evidence that the Granzerian PM had been murdered and Aliz Horvath assumed the position as Prime Minister of Granzery the following day.

Three days later Granzerian military personnel assaulted Gendarmerie and Internal Troops positions in the Veragyor area, and announced at 10PM on January 17 that the capital had been secured but the Granzerian Renaissance Party and National Executive Cabinet had fled to Transkarpatia under the protection of loyal elements of the armed forces who alongside local paramilitaries and law enforcement consolidated a power-base in the largely supportive mountain province to prepare to retake the Capital.

On the 17th of January the Republican Socialist Party returned to the Granzerian Senate Building and the Veragyor Winter Revolution but shortly thereafter the Second Transkarpatian War began.