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City of Vajkváros

From top, left to right: Vajkváros University, Downtown Vajkváros, Vajkváros Central Church, the Sassic Cultural Centre.
Country Granzery
Szász-Nagykun Tractor Factory establishedJanuary 30 1901
Szász-Nagykun Dairy establishedFebruary 6 1957
 • BodyVajkváros City Council
 • Metro456.2 km2 (176.1 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Density1,346/km2 (3,490/sq mi)
 • Metro913,984

Vajkváros (Sassic: Wongenîten) is a city in Szász-Nagykun Province, Granzery, it is the 11th largest city in Granzery and is the largest City in Szász-Nagykun Province, and is the industrial centre of the Granzerian western seaboard. Vajkvaros, then Wongeniten, was the site of the first tractor factory in Western Granzery, and was one of the most important industrial centres in Granzery. Wongeniten was the first and only city to be targeted by a nuclear weapon, when on the 22nd of August 1947, at 9:00AM, a Gorbatovic atomic bomb was dropped on the city. Most of the city was destroyed and was then abandoned. After the blast, some 80,000-140,000 were killed and the entire city became abandoned for years to come.

The City is nowadays primarily known for its dairy production, and was reconstructed around the new Nagykun Dairy Cooperative in 1957, from which the city gained its name "Butter City" as an attempt by the communist Democratic Republic of Granzery to eradicate the Sassic culture of western Granzery. The Nagykun Dairy Cooperative was renamed the Szász-Nagykun Dairy Company in 1973.

Vajkváros, like much of Szász-Nagykun, struggles with poverty and suffers from one of the highest poverty rates in the country.