VSO Command

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VSO Command Corps
Active 2003–present
Allegiance  VSO
Branch Army
Type Multinational military Corps headquarters
Size up to 23,000 troops in total
Garrison/HQ HQ Véragyőr
Multiple earmarked units of framework nations
Engagements Tennish Civil War (2018-2019)
Ausferilandian Civil War (2020)
VSO Secretary General Secretary General Črtomir Furlan
VSOC Commander Major General Franz Meyer

The Véragyőr Security Organization Command Corps (VSO Command or VSOC) is an intergovernmental military corps with its headquarters of approximately 1,000 soldiers stationed in Véragyőr, Granzery. The Corps was established in 2003 following the TBA Crisis as a rapid response force with stations in Volgaria, Elesar and Nekhteta.

Participating countries[edit]

Four countries participate in the corps as framework nations. However each VSO military associate nation is expected to provide logistical support and/or manpower support to the corps if requested.


The VSO Command Corps is not subordinate to any other military organisation. It is deployed on the authority of the VSO Secretary General representing the signatory nations of the VSO. The VSO Command Corps considers requests from the OCN for peacekeeping and counter-terror operations, most notably the inclusion of VSO Command South, stationed in Nekhteta, which deployed to Sego as peacekeepers from 2006-2008. VSO Command units can also be deployed at the request of the framework nations.

Command structure[edit]

Peacetime stations of VSOC Divisions, with framework nations in a darker shade

Subordinate units[edit]

Forces of VSOC West during the Zolev-Volgarian War
  • VSOC Central
    • A division-size unit, in 2018 it included the Granzerian 45th Airborne Division, with its HQ in Keszles, Granzery. It also includes a platoon-sized reconnaissance unit from Sytrica.
  • VSOC East
    • Headquarters in Sosnytsa, Elesar, VSOC East includes the Elesarian TBA Motor Rifle Division and Volgarian TBA Panzergrenadier Regiment.
  • VSOC West
    • Headquarters in Vielau, VSOC West is stationed in TBA, Volgaria, and includes one Granzerian Mechanized Regiment, one Volgarian Panzer Regiment and an Elesarian Motorized Regiment. A battalion-sized infantry unit is also provided by Oskorev.
  • VSOC South
    • Headquartered in Esouere, Nekhteta, includes one Nekhtetan Infantry Regiment, one Granzerian Mechanized Regiment and an Elesarian Tank Regiment.

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