Véragyőr Security Organization

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Véragyőr Security Organization
Granzerian: Véragyőr Biztonsági Szervezet
Elesarian: Верадьєрська Организация Безпеки
Castrian: Organización de Seguridad Véragyőr
Acronian: Organisation de Sécurité de Verlage
Flag of the Véragyőr Security Organization
Emblem of the Véragyőr Security Organization
HeadquartersVéragyőr, Granzery
Official languageGranzerian · Elesarian · Castrian · Acronian
TypeMutual security, scientific, political, economic organisation
Signatory3 Member States

2 Military Associates

EstablishmentNovember 29 1975

The Véragyőr Security Organisation (aka VSO or VerSec) (Granzerian: Véragyőr Biztonsági Szervezet, VBS). (Elesarian: Верагіор Организация Безпеки, BOБ) is an economic and defensive treaty between the Kingdom of Granzery and Empire of Elesar. It features a general staff which co-ordinate economic, scientific, diplomatic and military efforts between the four major signatories. Other observer states and non-affiliated allies can be involved in certain co-operative efforts although the treaty, which was signed in 1975 following the end of the Transkarpatian war, and amended in 1985, defines the treaty as an international economic and security organization comprising the nations of Elesar, Granzery and Verdesa

The signing of the Véragyőr Security Organisation occurred on November 29, 1975, a month after the end of the Transkarpatian war. It was defined as a "duonational economic, military and diplomatic treaty between the sovereign states of the Republic of Granzery and the Empire of Elesar." This definition was expanded in the 1980s to include the nation of Verdesa and Kossaria, which had previously been military associates of the VSO. The treaty includes scientific co-operation and free trade between the main signatory states, and includes an open border policy between the three states of Elesar, Granzery and Verdesa.


VSO Headquarters building in Véragyőr.

The Primary Signatories of the VSO are Elesar, Granzery and Verdesa these nations are subject to all VSO decisions and agreements.

Signatory Nations of the VSO by date of admission are:

Military Associates[edit]

Military Associate status is given to states who are prepared to engage in all military cooperation with the Véragyőr Security Organization, these states are exempt from VSO agreements regarding economic treaties and scientific co-operation. Military Associates also retain more diplomatic independence, but are required to co-ordinate diplomatic efforts with other VSO states. The first nation in Atlas to be classed as a Military Associate was Verdesa, who was initially a military associate from 1975 when the VSO was first founded, but became the third signatory of the VSO in 1984.

The most recent nation to be classed as a Military Associate was Tenburg, which became allied with the VSO following a Nationalist coup.

Military Associate nations of the VSO by date of admission are:

VSO Command Corps[edit]

In 2003, following the end of the TBA the VSO began the deployment of three VSO Command Divisions, collectively known as VSOC or VSO Command. VSO Command East (stationed in Elesar), VSO Command South (stationed in Nekhteta) and VSO Command West (stationed in Verdesa), are mechanized/armoured divisions utilizing troops from primarily their host nation, but also significant troops from across other framework nations. In 2019 the VSO deployed VSO Command Central, stationed in Véragyőr, Granzery, as an airmobile division capable of being deployed anywhere worldwide within 24 hours.

Observer States[edit]

The Véragyőr Security Organization presently has no observer states. Any observer state receives limited military co-operation (primarily from Granzery), and is able to attend VSO summits and meetings.

Space Co-operation[edit]

Granzerian and Elesarian space co-operation date back to the early 1970s, with joint satellites and joint moon landings taking place for years. In 1980 the Security VSO launched an official joint space program, culminating ultimately in the joint space station "TBA" operating from 1995 to the present day. In addition to Granzerian and Elesarian co-operation, Verdesan space authorities have also had involvement with TBA, and Verdesan astronauts have six-month deployments per year aboard the "TBA" space station.