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Executive Cabinet
Урядова Кабінет
Uryadova Kabinet
Coat of arms or logo
Executive body of the Karpatian Government
Leader of
the Party
Elected by
the Karpatian National Party
Meeting place
State Executive Building

The Executive Cabinet (Karpatian: Урядова Кабінет) also commonly referred to as the Uryakabinet, is the Executive branch of the Transkarpatian government. The Uryakabinet is a group of 65 people, nominated by the Karpatian National Party and appointed by the Kerivnyk of Transkarpatia. Power within the Uryakabinet is concentrated in the Executive Committee (Uryakomisiya), a group of eight members of the Party appointed by the Kerivnyk who direct national policy at the direction of the Kerivnyk.


The Executive Committee or Uryadova Komisiya, sometimes Uryakomisiya for short, is the central apparatus of the Uryakabinet and executive branch of the Karpatian State. It directs the national policy of Transkarpatia at the behest of the Kerivnyk and is comprised of the top leadership of the Karpatian National Party. It currently includes 8 members. Members of the Uyrakomisiya are selected and dismissed by the Kerivnyk.