Unit 5505

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Active 1998-present
Country  Ziridava
Branch Ziridava Security Intelligence Agency
Type Paramilitary force
Role Covert action
Special operations
Size Classified
Motto "Quisquam, usquam"
Gavril Ventseslav (ZSIA executive)

The SAD/SOG (Special Activities Division/Special Operations Group), also known as Unit 5505, is a division of the Ziridava Security & Intelligence Agency responsible for covert operations and paramilitary operations. The unit is a department within the ZSIA responsible for operations that include high-threat clandestine or covert operations with which the Ziridavan government cannot be overtly associated with. As such, unit members, called Paramilitary Operations Officers and Specialized Skills Officers, do not typically carry any objects or clothing, e.g., military uniforms, that would associate them with the government.

If they are compromised during a mission, the government may deny all knowledge. SOG is considered the most secretive force in the Ziridavan intelligence and military community, with almost all info about the agency being classified. The group often selects current and former service members from existing Ziridavan special operations forces, such as the 73rd Maritime Special Operations Center and Special Operations Forces Command.


Covert action[edit]

Selection and training[edit]


Known operations[edit]


The SAD/SOG is equipped with a variety of equipment, consisting of weapons both purchased, captured, and potentially even smuggled. The force is believed to not use any Ziridavan-produced weapons, instead opting to use ones that can be easily found in the area of operations, in order to blend in with any local forces.

Small arms[edit]

Name Type Cartridge Origin Photo Notes
Makarov PMM Semi-automatic pistol 9x18 PMM  Stasnov Mak compl.jpg
ACE Roland P613 Semi-automatic pistol 9x19mm  Acronia SIGSauerP226.JPG
AK-74 Assault rifle 5.45x39mm  Stasnov Ak74assault.jpg AKS-74u also in use
AKM Assault rifle 7.62x39mm  Stasnov File:Akm rifle fullstock.jpg
AV-56 Assault rifle 7.62x39mm  Gorbatov AV-56.png
M4A1 Carbine 5.56x45mm  Vazandia M4A1 ACOG.jpg
FN FAL Battle rifle 7.62x51mm  Odentia FN-FAL belgian.jpeg
G36 Assault rifle 5.56x45mm  Odentia Gewehr G36 noBG.jpg G36K, G36C also in use
Dragunov SVD Sniper rifle 7.62x54mm  Stasnov Interpolitex 2013 (536-15).jpg
G6 Marksman rifle 7.62x51mm  Chilokver Heckler & Koch HK417 Sniper Rifle of PASKAL.JPG
MP3 Submachine gun 9x19mm Parabellum  Chilokver MP5t.png
UMP Submachine gun .45 ACP  Odentia HKUMP45.JPG
RPK-74 Light machine gun 5.45x39mm  Stasnov Soviet RPK-74.JPEG
PKM General purpose machine gun 7.62x54mm  Stasnov File:PKmachinegun.jpg
FM-28AP Light machine gun 5.56x45mm  Odentia M249 FN MINIMI DA-SC-85-11586 c1.jpg
GP-25 Under-barrel grenade launcher 30mm  Stasnov Georgian under barrel grenade launchers stc delta (3).JPG
M203 Under-barrel grenade launcher 40mm Template:Country data TBD PEO M203A2 Grenade Launcher.jpg
RPG-7 Rocket-propelled grenade 40mm (launcher only, warhead diameter varies)  Stasnov RPG-7V2 - ETIF-2010.jpg