Transkarpatian National Armed Forces

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Transkarpatian National Armed Forces
Карпатські Національні Збройні Сили
Service branchesKNA


HeadquartersKarpat, Transkarpatia

The Transkarpatian National Armed Forces (Карпатські Національні Збройні Сили) is the military organisation responsible for the defence of Transkarpatia





Small Arms & Personal Equipment[edit]


Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
P14 Fort-17.jpg  Elesar Pistol 9x19mm Main service pistol.
StH78(K) HM78.png  Transkarpatia
Assault Rifle 5.5x48mm Main Service Rifle. Transkarpatian Approximation of the FÉMC UHF
StH78(G) UHFM2.jpg  Granzery Assault Rifle 5.5x48mm Main Service Rifle.
AKM AKM automatkarbin, Ryssland - 7,62x39mm - Armémuseum.jpg  Transkarpatia
Assault Rifle 7.62x39mm Extensively used by reservists and paramilitary forces.
Ob.Kar35 477 3.jpg  Granzery Bolt Action Rifle 7.35x56mm Ceremonial Rifle.
PK80 Ameli Ejército español.jpg  Transkarpatia
Light machine gun 5.5×48mm Standard issue LMG/SAW.
PK63 BundeswehrMG3.jpg  Transkarpatia
General Purpose machine gun 7.35×56mm Standard issue GPMG.



Model Image Type Active in Service Main Armament Origin Details
T-66 T56MV.jpg Main Battle Tank 900 128 mm smoothbore gun  Transkarpatia
Majority of T-66M model, T-66MV model (pictured) expected to replace existing T-66M.
T-62 Challenger 2 Tankfest 2009.jpg Main Battle Tank 747 120 mm smoothbore gun  Granzery A number of captured models used by the TNAF.

Armoured Fighting Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Main Armament Origin Details
BTR.231 OT-64 SKOT.jpg Armoured Personnel Carrier 4,000+ K63 MG  Granzery
BTR.400 Iraqi BTR-94 APC.JPEG Armoured Personnel Carrier Unknown 2x23 mm autocannon  Elesar To replace the BTR.231.