Republic of Tenburg
Flag of Tenburg
of Tenburg
Motto: "Seas Againn Reidh"
"We Stand Ready"
-0N, -0W
Official languagesTennish
Recognised National LanguagesTennish
Ethnic groups89% Tennish (native-born)

6.2% Tennish (naturlized)

4.4% foreign-born (Elesarians, Volgarians, Chazicarians, Acronians, Granzerians, Prielians, etc.)
Religion73% Catholic

21% Lutheran

11% Gaelic Polytheist

5% Other
DemonymTennish, Tennsman
GovernmentRepublic (contested)
• Prime Minister
Mara Byrne
• Taoiseach
no one knows right now...
• Estimate
Drives on theleft

Etymology Edit

The Name "Tenburg" is rooted in the Gaelic "Deichtir", meaning "Land of the Ten", referring to the Ten Kings that ruled the region during the medieval times. The Germanic "-burg" suffix may come from the Volgarian or Chazicarian influence on the region.

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The Republic of Tenburg is a parliamentary democracy, with a written constitution and a popularly elected Prime Minister, who is the head of government. The leader of parliament is the Taoiseach, who is appointed by the Prime Minister on the nomination of the lower house of parliament, the Dáil. Members of the government are chosen from both the Dáil and the upper house of parliament, the Seanad. Its capital is Glandore.

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Tenburg is a member of the Véragyőr Security Organization (VSO), having joined in December 2018.

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The Tennish Armed Forces (Fórsaí Armtha na Deichtír) are the military and paramilitary forces of Tenburg, with the Prime Minister as their supreme commander. They consist of the Tennish Army (An tArm Náisiúnta), Tennish Navy (Cabhlach na Deichtír), Air Force (Bhfeidhm Aer), and the military police (Póilíní Míleata), which also performs police duties in rural areas of Tenburg.

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