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{{See also}} is used to create hatnotes to point to a small number of other, related, titles at the top of article sections according to Wikipedia:Layout. It is not for use in the "See also" section at the bottom of an article.

{{See also|Article 1|...|Article 15}}
  • One to fifteen articles can be listed.
  • The word "and" is always placed between the final two entries.
  • If more than 15 entries are supplied, a message will be displayed pointing out the problem.
  • You can use parameters label 1 to label 15 to specify alternative labels for the links.
adding newline characters will break article links <1-- presumably because of the leading ":" -->


Code Result
{{See also|Article}}
{{See also|Article|label 1=Alternative title for Article}}
{{See also|Article|Article 2}}
{{See also|Article|Article 2|Article 3}}
{{See also|Article|Article 2|label 2=Alternative title for Article 2}}

And so on up to 15 parameters.

See also: Link to section[edit]

It is possible to direct this template to link a particular section within another article.

{{See also|Michael Tritter#storyline|l1=Storyline}} gives

Note that the parameter name is a lower case 'L' followed by the number '1', not the number eleven. Template:Section template list

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