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<templatedata> { "params": { "": {}, "date": { "label": "date", "description": "Date on which the tag was placed", "type": "date", "default": "Current day, month, and year", "autovalue": "" } }, "description": "This is an inline cleanup tag which may be placed within an article at the end of a paragraph or sentence to indicate that it appears to contain information which is based on someone's opinion rather than on an appropriate published source. The tag takes only one parameter— the date— but this parameter may be safely ignored as it will be added automatically by a bot soon after the page is saved. Placing this tag will add the article to 'Category:Articles with minor POV problems'. Hovering over this tag will produce the text, 'This statement may be opinion presented as fact.' Any editor may place this tag and any editor may remove it once the issue has been addressed or the sentence/ paragraph in question has been established as being factual rather than opinion. Avoid placing this tag multiple times within the same article, as this will appear to be TAGBOMBING the piece and is not usually helpful." } </templatedata>