From Atlas
  • Tenburg creates nuclear rounds to fire from its restored battleships. "Haha big guns go boom," says Chairman of Defense.
  • Volgaria becomes superpower in 2020 and instantly creates a giant fleet consisting of 50 aircraft carriers
  • Following a fifteen-minute debate session of OCN, the countries of the world are unified and declared the United Odentian Reality. All hail the Hyperlord!
  • Granzery resists the rule of the Hyperlord and is razed into the ground with nuclear missiles.
  • Lyonia is declared to be "neat" and will retain its sovereignty and good cuisine.
  • Odentian king Mathieu I declares himself the Hyperlord of Humanity, asserting dominion over all the lands of Earth and its fishes and seas.
  • Odentia, unveiling a secret new submarine several kilometers in length, declares itself "the Hyperpower" and commands all nations to pledge fealty to Mathieu I.
  • The Odentian-Acronian war turns global after Odentia uses the Acronian nuclear arsenal to destroy several key Stasnovan cities.