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This template is intended for use on articles about nuclear weapons tests or test series. Depending on the type (single test or test series), two different forms are used as illustrated below.

Example for a test series[edit]

Operation Sandstone

Sandstone X-Ray
Country United States
Test site Eniwetok
Period April-May 1948
Number of tests 3
Test type Atmospheric tests
Device type Fission
Max. yield 49 kt
Previous test Operation Crossroads
Next test Operation Ranger
{{Infobox Nuclear weapons test
 |name                = Operation Sandstone
 |picture             = AbombOperationSandstoneApril1948.png
 |picture_description = Sandstone X-Ray
 |country             = United States
 |test_site           = [[Eniwetok]]
 |period              = April-May 1948
 |number_of_tests     = 3
 |test_type           = Atmospheric tests
 |device_type         = Fission
 |max_yield           = 49 kt
 |previous_test       = [[Operation Crossroads]]
 |next_test           = [[Operation Ranger]]

Example for a single test[edit]

Country United States
Test series Operation Sandstone
Test site Engebi Island
Date 14 April 1948 18:17 GMT
Test type Atmospheric test
Test altitude 3 meters
Device type Thermonuclear weapon
Yield 49 kt
Target <target>
{{Infobox Nuclear weapons test
 |name                = X-Ray
 |country             = United States
 |test_series         = [[Operation Sandstone]]
 |test_site           = [[Eniwetok|Engebi Island]]
 |date                = 14 April 1948 18:17 [[Greenwich Mean Time|GMT]]
 |test_type           = Atmospheric test
 |test_altitude       = 3 meters
 |device_type         = [[Thermonuclear weapon]]
 |yield               = 49 kt
 |target              = <target>

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