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This template is meant to be used for abbreviated regular season results with expandable details. The goal with this template is to only consume one line of text (when collapsed) for each match. Therefore, avoid using line breaks (<br />) in parameters that are still visible when the box score is collapsed.


{{Football box collapsible
|id           = Italy v France
|date         = {{Start date|2006|7|9|df=y}}
|time         = 20:00 [[Central European Summer Time|CEST]] ([[UTC+02:00|UTC+2]])
|round        = [[2006 FIFA World Cup Final|Final]]
|score        = 1–1
|aet          = yes
|report       = https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/round=97410600/match=97410064/index.html
|team1        = {{fb-rt|ITA}}
|goals1       =
* [[Gianluca Zambrotta|Zambrotta]] {{yel|5}}
* [[Marco Materazzi|Materazzi]] {{goal|19}}
|team2        = {{fb|FRA}}
|goals2       =
* [[Willy Sagnol|Sagnol]] {{yel|12}}
* [[Claude Makélélé|Makélélé]] {{yel|76}}
* [[Zinedine Zidane|Zidane]] {{goal|7|pen.}} {{sent off|0|110}}
* [[Florent Malouda|Malouda]] {{yel|111}}
|stadium      = [[Olympiastadion (Berlin)|Olympiastadion]]
|location     = [[Berlin]], Germany
|attendance   = 69,000
|referee      = [[Horacio Elizondo]] ([[Argentine Football Association|Argentina]])
|penaltyscore = 5–3
|penalties1   =
* [[Andrea Pirlo|Pirlo]] {{pengoal}}
* [[Marco Materazzi|Materazzi]] {{pengoal}}
* [[Daniele De Rossi|De Rossi]] {{pengoal}}
* [[Alessandro Del Piero|Del Piero]] {{pengoal}}
* [[Fabio Grosso|Grosso]] {{pengoal}}
|penalties2   =
* {{pengoal}} [[Sylvain Wiltord|Wiltord]]
* {{penmiss}} [[David Trezeguet|Trezeguet]]
* {{pengoal}} [[Éric Abidal|Abidal]]
* {{pengoal}} [[Willy Sagnol|Sagnol]]

Sample result:

Blank template[edit]

All available parameters are shown here.

{{football box collapsible
<!-- recommended or required parameters -->
|id = 
|date = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
|time = 
|round = 
|score = 
|report = 
|team1 = 
|goals1 = 
|team2 = 
|goals2 = 
|stadium = 

<!-- optional parameters -->
|scorenote = 
|aet = <!-- "yes" for extra time -->
|competition = <!-- "default" (default), "Cascadia Cup", "SuperClasico" -->
|location = 
|attendance = 
|referee = 
|assistantreferees = 
|assistantreferee2 = <!-- rarely used, see explanation -->
|fourthofficial = 
|fifthofficial = 
|goallineassistants = 
|goallineassistant2 = <!-- rarely used, see explanation -->
|aggregatescore = 
|motm = 
|mvp = 
|note = 

<!-- penalty parameters, required if the match went to shootout -->
|penalties1 = 
|penaltyscore = 
|penalties2 = 

<!-- formatting/color parameters -->
|format = <!-- 1 to allow more space for round/date and location -->
|size = <!-- for example 80%, by default 100% -->
|result = <!-- the following are based on the parameter "competition" --><!-- default: W, L, T/D, V/P --><!-- Cascadia Cup: V/VAN, S/SEA, P/PDX, T/D, VOID/POST --><!-- SuperClasico: LA, CHIVAS, T/D, V/P -->
|bg = <!-- color without number sign -->
|nobars = <!-- "1" to hide bars -->
|class = <!-- "uncollapsed " for removal of collapse function, "collapsible " for expanded with collapsible option, "collapsible collapsed " for box being initially collapsed (default) -->


Required parameters: team1, team2, score (if the match has occurred), and report. Everything else is optional, though goals1, goals2, referee, location, and stadium are highly encouraged wherever this template is used.

Content Parameters[edit]

  • attendance - Match attendance as reported in the match report.
  • date - Date of the match. Use {{Start date}} (with df=y or mf=y; see: WP:ENGVAR)
  • location & stadium - If location is not specified, the value of stadium will appear at the top of the far right column "above the fold". If location is specified, then only the location value will appear "above the fold" on the right, and the value of stadium will be shown with the prefix "Stadium:" beside it only when the box score is expanded.
  • goals1 and goals2 - Goals scored and optionally cards issued. Use {{goal}}, {{yel}}, and {{sent off}} with the last name (or professional name) of the player involved. Create a list (lines starting with *) if multiple players are listed. If a player scores more than one goal (or cards) these can be grouped together so that the player's name only appears once. This is not required though. Preference should be given to listing goals (and cards) in chronological order.
  • penaltyscore - The result of the penalty shootout.
    • penalties1 and penalties2 - List of the results of each penalty kick taken. Use {{pengoal}} and {{penmiss}} with the last name (or professional name) of the player taking the kick. Create a list (lines starting with *) if multiple players are listed.
  • score - The final score of the match. If the match went into extra time (and possibly penalties) the aet parameter should be set to yes.
  • aet - Set this parameter to yes if the match went to extra time.
  • aggregatescore - Optionally, the aggregate score if the match is the second of a two leg tie. Example: |aggregatescore = 4[[Away goals rule|a]]–4, which produces (4a–4 agg.)
  • time - Time of the match. The local time of the match (local to the stadium it took place in). Either 24h or 12h formats are acceptable.
  • team1 and team2 - Typically team1 is the home team. Both should be wikilinked to a team page if there is one.
  • referee - Name of head referee (wikilinked only if there is a page for the referee or you intend to create it soon). The referee's national federation in parenthesis is optional but recommended when the box score is for an international competition.
    • assistantreferees, fourthofficial, fifthofficial, & goallineassistants - Further detailed referee information. Same guidelines apply as referee.
      • assistantreferee2 & goallineassistant2 - For use when putting both officials name in the parameter takes too much space. If this field is used, only one referee should be in "assistantreferees" or "goallineassistants", and the other should be in this parameter. An example of a use for this is when putting the national football association which the referees belong, and running out of space.
  • motm - Man of the match.
  • mvp - Most valuable player.
  • report - An external link to an official match report or box score. It is important that match information be referenced, so please use this parameter! (See also: Verifiability and No Original Research)
  • round - For use when the match is part of a tournament with various rounds of play, such as Preliminary Round, First Round, Group Stage, etc. Wikilinking to the appropriate tournament page/section is recommended.
  • note - For use when a short explanation is needed. It creates text in italics in the bottom left hand corner.

Formatting Parameters[edit]

  • format - Set to 1 to allow more space for round/date and location, 1.1 and 1.2 are variations of 1 which allow very long team name; 1.1 for team1, and 1.2 for team2
  • bg - Use this param to specify a custom background color (ignored if result is specified). Use RRGGBB values without the # sign. Example: |bg=99C0B0
  • id - Unique anchor to the match. Example: |id="Italy v France"
  • nobars - Set this parameter to 1 if you don't want the one pixel bars to show above and below the template. Example: |nobars=1
  • result - Adjusts background color to indicate win (green), draw/tie (yellow), loss (red) or void/postponement (grey). Possible values: W, L, T, D, V or P. See the Legend section below when using this parameter. See competition parameter below for custom values of the result parameter.
  • size - By default Footballbox_collapsible is 100% wide. Use this param to specify a different width. Example: |size=80%
  • class - Use this if you do not want the template collapsed. The options are "uncollapsed " (removal of collapse function), "collapsible " (box can be collapsed, but by default is not) and "collapsible collapsed " (box is initially collapsed). If unused, the parameter will default to "collapsible collapsed ". Example: |class=collapsible
  • competition - Used with result parameter to define custom background colors in derby and competition articles. Case sensitive.


Simple coloring legend recommended when an article makes use of result parameter:

{{legend2|#BBF3BB|Win|border=1px solid #AAAAAA}}
{{legend2|#FFFFBB|Draw|border=1px solid #AAAAAA}}
{{legend2|#FFBBBB|Loss|border=1px solid #AAAAAA}}
{{legend2|#BBBBBB|Void|border=1px solid #AAAAAA}} <!-- optional -->
{{legend2|#BBBBBB|Postponed|border=1px solid #AAAAAA}} <!-- optional -->

Which produces:

  Win   Draw   Loss   Void   Postponed

Note: Given the rarity of voided results and postponements, those entries are optional and can be omitted in most cases.






<templatedata> { "params": { "id": { "label": "ID", "description": "Unique anchor to the match.", "example": "Italy v France", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "team1": { "label": "Team 1", "description": "First team displayed, usually home team.", "example": "Italy", "type": "string", "required": true }, "team2": { "label": "Team 2", "description": "Second team displayed, usually guest team.", "example": "France", "type": "string", "required": true }, "class": { "label": "Class", "description": "Used to uncollapse the box.", "example": "uncollapsed, collapsible, collapsible collapsed", "type": "string" }, "nobars": { "label": "No Bars", "description": "Set to 1 to hide bars.", "example": "1", "type": "number" }, "size": { "label": "Size", "description": "Width of the box.", "example": "80%", "type": "number", "default": "100%" }, "competition": { "label": "Competition", "description": "The competition the match belongs to (used for \"result\" parameter formatting).", "type": "string", "default": "default" }, "result": { "label": "Result", "description": "Changes the color of the box based on result; depends on \"competition\" parameter.", "example": "W, D, L", "type": "string" }, "bg": { "label": "Background", "description": "Background color.", "example": "red", "type": "string" }, "format": { "label": "Format", "description": "Set to 1 to leave more space for round/date and location.", "example": "1", "type": "number" }, "date": { "label": "Date", "description": "Displays the date the match took place.", "example": "9 July 2006", "type": "date" }, "round": { "label": "Round", "description": "The competition round the match belongs to.", "example": "2006 FIFA World Cup Final", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "score": { "label": "Score", "description": "The match score.", "example": "1–1", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "scorenote": { "description": "An optional note clarifying the final score", "example": "Decided by a coin flip", "type": "string", "default": "no", "autovalue": "" }, "aet": { "label": "AET", "description": "Set to \"yes\" if the match went into extra time.", "example": "yes", "type": "boolean", "default": "no", "autovalue": "" }, "aggregatescore": { "label": "Aggregate Score", "description": "The aggregate score for matches played over two legs.", "type": "string" }, "penaltyscore": { "label": "Penalty Score", "description": "The score in the penalty shoot-out.", "example": "5–3", "type": "string" }, "location": { "label": "Location", "description": "The city the match took place in.", "example": "Berlin, Germany", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "stadium": { "label": "Stadium", "description": "The name of the stadium that was played in.", "example": "Olympiastadion", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "time": { "label": "Time", "description": "Time the match took place.", "example": "20:00 CEST (UTC+02:00)", "type": "string" }, "goals1": { "label": "Goals 1", "description": "The goals (and cards) for the home team.", "example": "Materazzi Goal 19'", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "report": { "label": "Report", "description": "The URL of a match report.", "example": "https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/round=97410600/match=97410064/index.html#nosticky", "type": "url", "required": true }, "goals2": { "label": "Goals 2", "description": "The goals (and cards) for the guest team.", "example": "Zidane Goal 7', Red card 110'", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "attendance": { "label": "Attendance", "description": "The number of people attending the match.", "example": "69,000", "type": "number" }, "referee": { "label": "Referee", "description": "The referee for the match.", "example": "Horacio Elizondo (Argentina)" }, "assistantreferees": { "label": "Assistant Referees", "description": "The assistant referees for the match.", "example": "Dario García (Argentina)", "type": "string" }, "assistantreferee2": { "label": "Assistant Referee 2", "description": "Second assistant referee; rarely used as usually both assistants go in the \"assistantreferees\" field", "example": "Rodolfo Otero (Argentina)" }, "fourthofficial": { "label": "Fourth Official", "description": "The fourth official for the match.", "example": "Luis Medina Cantalejo (Spain)", "type": "string" }, "fifthofficial": { "label": "Fifth Official", "description": "The fifth official for the match.", "example": "Victoriano Giraldez Carrasco (Spain)", "type": "string" }, "goallineassistants": { "label": "Goal Line Assistants", "description": "The goal line assistants for the match.", "type": "string" }, "goallineassistant2": { "label": "Goal Line Assistant 2", "description": "Second goal line assistant; rarely used as usually both assistants go in the \"goallineassistants\" field", "type": "string" }, "motm": { "label": "Man of the Match", "description": "The Man of the Match.", "example": "Andrea Pirlo", "type": "string" }, "mvp": { "label": "MVP", "description": "The Most Valuable Player", "type": "string" }, "penalties1": { "label": "Penalties 1", "description": "The penalties for the home team.", "example": "Pirlo Penalty scored", "type": "string" }, "penalties2": { "label": "Penalties 2", "description": "The penalties for the guest team.", "example": "Penalty scored Wiltord", "type": "string" }, "note": { "label": "Note", "description": "Space for any notes regarding the match.", "type": "string" } }, "description": "This template displays the summary of a football (soccer) match. The summary include date and time, stadium, competing teams, goal scorers and the minute of goal, a link to the official match report and attendance of the stadium. It also includes whether or not the match went to extra-time or penalty-shoots and displays respective results. It is collapsible.", "paramOrder": [ "id", "date", "time", "round", "score", "report", "team1", "goals1", "team2", "goals2", "scorenote", "stadium", "aet", "competition", "location", "attendance", "referee", "assistantreferees", "assistantreferee2", "fourthofficial", "fifthofficial", "goallineassistants", "goallineassistant2", "aggregatescore", "motm", "mvp", "note", "penalties1", "penaltyscore", "penalties2", "format", "size", "result", "bg", "nobars", "class" ] } </templatedata>

See also[edit]

  • {{football box}} - almost the same thing, but not collapsible