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This template creates a box with two images side by side. It needs parameters like this:

{{double image|left/right/center|Left image|Left image size|Right image|Right image size|Left caption|Right caption|Left alt text|Right alt text}}


{{double image
|2=Left image
|3=Left image size
|4=Right image
|5=Right image size
|6=Left caption
|7=Right caption (leave blank to combine)
|8=Left image alt text
|9=Right image alt text}}

See WP:ALT for advice about alt text.


Yellow cartouche Red cartouche
Players are cautioned with a yellow card, and sent off with a red card, which is sometimes round.

To the right, with one single caption:

{{double image|right|Yellow card.svg|60|Red card.svg|60|Players are cautioned ... round.||Yellow cartouche|Red cartouche}}

Yellow cartouche Red cartouche

To the left. With two captions, one beneath each image:

{{double image|left|Yellow card.svg|60|Red card.svg|60|Yellow|Red|Yellow cartouche|Red cartouche}}

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