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State/Province/Country City LL Organization team1 team2 team3 team4 team5 team6
state1 city1 LL Organization1   1v2 1v3 1v4 1v5 1v6
state2 city2 LL Organization2 2v1   2v3 2v4 2v5 2v6
state3 city3 LL Organization3 3v1 3v2   3v4 3v5 3v6
state4 city4 LL Organization4 4v1 4v2 4v3   4v5 4v6
state5 city5 LL Organization5 5v1 5v2 5v3 5v4   5v6
state6 city6 LL Organization6 6v1 6v2 6v3 6v4 6v5  

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