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Tulach an Iarainn
Clockwise from top: Center City skyline, City Hall, Croke Park, Tallow Harbour Bridge, west Tallow skyline.
 • Total6,338,594

Tallow, known officially as the City Of Tallow, is a city in southern Tenburg. It is the seat of county Tallow, the most populous county in Tenburg. Tallow is known for it's pleasant climate, beaches, entertainment industry, and its sprawling metropolis.

Tallow is situated on the southern end Gulf of Conon, split by the mouth of the River Brora.

Tallow has a diverse economy and hosts businesses in a broad range of professional and cultural fields. It also has the busiest port in the country, one of the busiest in central Vesperia, and is home to O'Hanlan Naval Base. Tenburg's largest standalone naval base.