From Atlas

Type Battle rifle
Place of origin Astronea
Service history
In service 2002-present
Used by Astronean Armed Forces
Production history
Designed 1999
Manufacturer Talamnrath Precision Systems
Unit cost $1,000
Produced 2000-present
Variants LSW, DMR
Length 825 mm (32.5 in)
Barrel length 379 mm (14.9 in)

Cartridge 7.62x51mm
Action Gas-operated, tilting breech block
Rate of fire 700 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 820 m/s (2,700 ft/s)
Effective range 600 m (660 yd)
Maximum range 800 m (870 yd)
Feed system 20, 30 or 45 round detachable box magazine
Sights Aperture rear sight, post front sight

The favoured primary weapon of Astronean Tier 1 Special Forces,The TSK OSW (Operational Special Weapon) is a modernized variant of the Astronean TSK series of battle rifle, with lightweight aluminum furniture and a shorter barrel length. The OSW is a prime example of a proven weapon platform upgraded using modern manufacturing techniques to create an affordable and effective combat rifle, up to par with newer competitors. Its large caliber round is able to place shots accurately at extended ranges, acting if necessary as a marksman rifle with relative ease. Superior ergonomics and materials also allow for better control in fully automatic sustained fire, something the original TSK struggled with. This allows the OSW to be utilized in a variety of situations

A standard rifle is usually equipped with a 4x optical sight or a red dot, combined laser-light IR module (or AN/PEQ 15) and may be fitted with an AAC 762-SDN-6 suppressor. Partly polymer, the OSW comes in a standard black finish but may be repainted for camoflauge purposes. Available in various barrel lengths, and accurate up to 800 metres with the correct length and optics, this heavy hitting rifle is marketed for those who prefer the reliability of the .308 round over smaller intermediate cartridges.


The TSK OSW is internally similar to the basic TSK battle rifle, however features a new gas block, a new cold hammer-forged steel barrel and chrome bolt and carrier group. Externally, the OSW is a direct upgrade of the basic TSK design. Using a part-steel part-polymer receiver, the rifle's weight is reduced to 4.0 kg. The shorter barrel length makes the rifle more convenient and easy to handle, and a new receiver features superior erganomics with a new fire and safety selector, as well as a new bolt-release. The trigger is a 6 lb pull, allowing for deliberate and controlled shots.

The sights are a more modern version of the original aperture sight, still fixed but with a lower profile, allowing for inobtrusive mounting of optics on its picatinny rail. The handguard is decisively more comfortable and easier to grip, and the overall weight distribution of the rifle is improve significantly. The barrel of the OSW is threaded, allowing a variety of muzzle accessories to be mounted, including suppressors. A folding para-style stock makes the weapon easy to carry and store in vehicles.

Functionally, the OSW has all the markings of a modern assault rifle, even able to load feed 30-45 round magazines reliably, but still fires the higher-powered .308 round.


TSK DMR[edit]

TSK-DMR variant with bipod, extended barrel and collapsible folding stock.
Fitted with a long 19 inch barrel, collapsable folding stock, bipod, heavy barrel and a semi-automatic firemode, the DMR variant is a marksman variation of the OSW, capitalizing on the accuracy potential of the TSK to make it as accurate as possible. The longer, heavier barrel increases accuracy significantly, using match grade ammo is capable of sub-MOA accuracy out to six-hundred metres.

TSK LSW[edit]

TSK-LSW variant with bipod and foregrip, 45 round mag and 3x magnifier optic.
The Light Support Weapon variant of the TSk uses extended magazines, a bipod and foregrip for effective and controllable sustained fire. Its collapsible stock is shorter than the DMR variant in order to keep weight down, but still incorporates the same retracting and folding system. The decision to use such a stock was made in favour of the previous skeletal "Para" folding stock due to its increased shooter comfort, a necessity for an automatic support weapon.