TPz-72 Bison

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TPz-72 "Bison"
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TPz-72 during training excercises.
Type Armoured fighting vehicle
Place of origin Template:Country data Volgaria
Service history
In service 1972-present
Used by See Operators
Production history
Designer Laub-Kistler Systems
Manufacturer Laub-Kistler
Unit cost $1-4 million (depending on variant)
Number built 7,000+
Length 6.25 to 7.45 m
Width 2.5 to 2.66 m
Height 1.8 to 1.98
Crew 3; driver, commander, gunner
Passengers 5-10

Engine diesel engine
202 kW 275hp
Suspension hydropneumatic
Fuel capacity 300 L
780 km (485 mi)
Speed 100 km/h (62 mph), water 10 km/h (6 mph)

The TPz-72 "Bison" is a family of armoured fighting vehicles (through predominantly armoured personnel carriers) designed and produced in Volgaria by Laub-Kistler Systems for the Volgarian Armed Forces.

Since 1972, five generations of vehicles have been produced for the Volgarian Armed Forces as well as many other variants used by multiple nations around the globe including many nations in the VSO. The Bison continues to be upgraded and remains in active service.


The Bison is available in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 versions with many variants included in them. The Bison is designed to be a modular vehicle and can be fitted with numerous degrees of armour protection and armament for numerous roles.

  • TPz-72A "Bison I": Initial production variant in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 variation.
    • TPz-72A1: Upgraded version of the Bison I with additional armour.
    • TPz-72A2: Increased range and crew comfortability.
  • TPz-72B "Bison II": Adaptation of the TPz-72A 8x8 with numerous upgrades.
    • TPz-72B1: Upgraded with additional armour
  • TPz-74 "Biber": Upgrade of the TPz-72A 4x4.
    • TPz-74A: Increased armour.
    • TPz-74B: Allocation for a secondary machine gun.
    • TPz-74C: Improved engine
  • SPz-83 "Frettchen": Created from the basis of the Bison II. Outfitted for amphibious capability, allocation for two secondary machine guns and improved optics for reconnaissance.
    • Sp.KFz-272 "Jávorszarvas": Granzerian variant used as an armoured personnel carrier.
    • Sp.KFz-372 "Musztáng": Granzerian variant used as an armoured reconnaissance vehicle.
    • CA-95: Ardic variant used as an armoured personnel carrier and infantry fighting vehicle, heavily upgraded to suit Ardic needs.
    • 190M: Micsütemite variant of the SPz-83 used for numerous different roles.
      • 190MS: Armoured personnel carrier.
      • 190MT: Infantry fighting vehicle.
      • 190MF: Tank destroyer/Mobile gun system.
      • 190MH: Mortar carrier
  • TPz-72C "Bison III": 8x8. Numerous upgrades from the Bison II. Most numerous variant of the Bison in service with the Volgarian Army.
    • TPz-72C1: Improved suspension and wheels.
    • TPz-72C2: Addition of updated CBRN defense and fire control system for machine gun turret.
    • TPz-72C3: Extensive armour upgrade to increase effective defense against RPG's and IED's as well as additional improvements to the hydropneumatic suspension system. Most widespread variant of the TPz-72 in service with the Volgarian Armed Forces.
      • StuG-72C3: Assault gun/Fire support vehicle variant of the TPz-72C3 with a 90 mm gun and turret
  • TPz-72D "Bison IV": 8x8. Derived mainly from the TPz-72C3.
  • TPz-72E "Bison V": 8x8. Most recent and advanced of the TPz-72 series in production.


  •  Acerria: The Acerrian Republican Armed Forces operates approximately 250 TPz-72E's.
  •  Ederland: The Ardic Armed Forces operates 1,263 CA-95's and 299 TPz-74's.
  •  Granzery: The Granzery Granzery Royal Defence Force operates 5,576 Sp.KFz-272's and Sp.KFz-372's.
  •  Micsütem: The Micsütem Defence Force operates 949 190MS, 190MT, 190MF and 190MH vehicles.
  •  Sytrica: The Sytrican National Defence Force operates approximately 200+ Sp.KFz-272's and TPz-72C's.
  •  Tenburg: The Tennish Armed Forces operates TBA TPz-72's.
  • Template:Country data Volgaria: The Volgarian Armed Forces operates over 4,000 TPz-72's under numerous variants.