TPS R-30

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TPS R-30

Type Bolt-action sniper rifle
Place of origin Astronea
Service history
In service 2015-present
Used by Astronean Armed Forces
Production history
Designed 2008-2013
Manufacturer Talmanrath Precision Systems
Unit cost $4,300
Produced 2014-present
Length 1,037 mm (40.8 in)
Barrel length 509.6 mm (20.06 in)

Cartridge .308, .300 Magnum, .338 Magnum
Action Bolt-action
Muzzle velocity 123 m/s (400 ft/s)
Effective range 1,600 m (1,700 yd)
Feed system 11 round detachable box magazine
Sights 12x50 variable telescopic sight

Designed over the course of five years, the TPS R-30 is a high performance, multi caliber bolt action sniper rifle. The R-30 is unique in its ability to switch between ammunition calibers with a quick change of the bolt, easily done in the field. This technology has been adapted to multiple systems, including the AM-96 ISW assault rifle and KP-14 PDW.

The R-30 was designed in response to a Military Intelligence Directorate request for a high performance precision rifle capable of being adapted to a multitude of combat scenarios, in keeping with the needs of the MID's Special Purpose Reconnaissance Group. The criteria called for an adjustable stock, picatinny rail and an accuracy of Sub-MOA levels using match grade ammunition at ranges of up to 1.5 kilometres. A weight of 7.5 kg or under was an additional requirement, as mobility was a chief concern of SPRG marksmen, who needed to be able to displace from firing positions at a moment's notice.

The resulting R-30 won the competition with its 0.6 MOA using .300 Magnum ammunition and a weight of only 6 kilograms. Its stock was fully adjustable and its ergonomics found favour with the SPRG snipers who field tested them. The rifle's ability to be quickly disassembled into small, easily transportable parts was also particularly appealing. The addition of a multi caliber action that could be adjusted on the fly using a quick bolt change proved to be the deciding factor over other potential designs under consideration.

This modern sniper rifle is accurate up to 1,600 metres and able to precisely neutralize enemy personnel. The R-30 is made partially from fiberglass parts and has an adjustable stock, allowing the shooter to navigate difficult terrain easily with the aforementioned weight of only 6kg. The R-30 has been utilized effectively at ranges of up to 1,300m in combat, and has proven itself as a lethal marksman rifle in counter terrorism operations.

Its versatility has allowed users to successfully handle multiple situations calling for different calibers of rounds, using only a single rifle. The advantage of being able to switch cartridges on the fly is that if a situation arises where a shooter's current loaded ammunition is either too high or low powered, they may switch quickly to adapt to the situation and deal with the threat immediately, instead of having to wait or risk missing a shot.


The TPS R-30 is a manually operated bolt action sniper rifle that uses a rotary bolt with three radial locking lugs at the front. It features a steel receiver, a Picatinny rail on top of its receiver for mounting various optical sights and on the stock bottom for bipod mounting. The barrel is a free floating barrel that can be equipped with special muzzle brakes that have a mounting interface for quick detachable suppressors. It is manufactured from stainless steel using cold hammer forging and treated using Nitride Meloniting, making it more corrosive resistant and durable than other methods, such as chrome lining, without sacrificing accuracy.

Melonite is a molecular bonding process with the metal that allows the chemicals to seep below the surface of the metal instead of just a top layer. Unlike chrome lined barrels, Melonited barrels do not give up any accuracy. The R-30 barrels are finished with a QPQ Melonite process inside and out providing stainless steel velocities with complete protection. Using this process makes barrels more durable, more corrosive resistant, with increased lubricity. Finally the barrels are carbon fiber wrapped for increased durability and accuracy.

The R-30 is available in various barrel lengths of 16-, 20- and 26-inch (.308 or 7.62×51mm), 23.5- and 27-inch (.300 Magnum), and 20- and 27-inch (.338 Magnum). Ammunition feeding is by a double-stack detachable box magazine which are marked with appropriate number of large dots that are embossed into the sides of the polymer base plate and that holds 11 rounds. Alternatively, cartridges can be singly loaded directly into the chamber.

The R-30's frame, stock and receiver are constructed with phosphatized steel parts and fiberglass for increased durability while being lightweight. The trigger is a crisp double-stage that allows for better shooter control and combats trigger creep.

The TPS R-30 has a side-folding and fully adjustable butt stock, ambidextrous controls, a manual safety that is located inside the trigger guard which is in front of the trigger, and uniquely designed tactical indicators which helps identify different modular components for different calibers, where every caliber-depending component is specially marked so users can recognize the caliber of each part visually or by touch. For example, for the .308 Wbarrel and bolt are marked with single annual grove, whereas for the .300 Magnum are marked with two groves and three for the .338 Magnum. Another unique feature of the rifle is that all of the tools that are necessary to change the caliber are built into each of the bolt handle; the small torx key is built into the center of the bolt knob and the barrel wrench is integrated into the base of the bolt handle. An additional set of torx keys are stored inside a small detachable polymer fore end, which are necessary for full disassembly of the gun.