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T-74S1M (Elesar)
PcKTr-43 (Granzery)

Type Main battle tank
Place of origin  Stasnov (original design)
 VSO (variants)
Service history
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Production history
Manufacturer Orelvagonzavod (originally)
Vgecvasútgyár (Granzery)
AxKBM (Elesar)
Number built 16,500+
Weight 45 tonnes
Length 9.5 metres (Total)
Width 3.8 meters
Height 2.3 meters
Crew 3

Armor Steel and composite Armor
Karpatlőszer PL 110M/112M 125 mm smoothbore gun with ATGM capability
Karpatlőszer PL 113M 128mm smoothbore gun with ATGM capability (T-74S1M5)
12.7 mm NSVT
Engine Csába Diesel Engine
850 hp
Suspension Torsion-bars
700 km
Speed 70 km/h

The T-74S1M or Páncél Katonai Traktor 43 tonna (PcKTr-43) is a main battle tank jointly developed by Granzery and Elesar as an upgrade of the Stasnovan T-74. Variants continue to serve as the primary battle tank of Elesar, and remains the most common tank in service with the Granzerian Royal Defence Force. It has received multiple upgrades and is an important part of all Véragyőr Security Organization active and reserve forces.


Production history[edit]

Service History[edit]

Combat history[edit]






Domestic Variants[edit]

Axis Variant T-74s, from top to bottom:T-74S1M1, T-74S1M2, T-74S1M3, T-74S1M4 and T-74S1M4 ELŐP
Elesarian T-97B Korzhev
  • T-74S1M1: Granzerian nomenclature PcKTr-43, is mostly identical to the Stasnovan T-74S1. Models of the T-74S1 were acquired by Elesar prior to the Elesarian Revolution, and were reverse engineered to create a tank design which Granzery and Elesar were able to field in large numbers.
    • T-74S1M2: Beginning in 1986, the Granzerian-Elesarian T-74S1M project (known as PcKTr-43S1 in Granzerian nomenclature) was instituted to allow tank repair plants to more easily locally manufacture and upgrade T-74 tanks within their own facilities. The new tank included an upgraded FCS. Passive night vision devices, a modern night sight, a laser illumination warning system, anti-laser smoke grenade launchers, solid or modular metal side skirts and the VZYRV-1 or VZYRV-2 explosive reactive armour were also fitted.
      • T-74S1M3: an extensive Elesarian upgrade based on T-74S1 developed sometime between the late 1980s and early 1990s and involving use of a new digital fire-control system, proprietary ERA and an uprated powerplant. Despite not being introduced into the Granzerian arsenal it was developed into the T-74S1M3HM.
        • T-74S1M3HM: (known in Granzerian nomenclature as the PcKTr-42HM) a Granzerian upgrade based on T-74S1M3 developed shortly after the introduction of the T-74S1M3, in 1993, intended to fully upgrade all T-74 tanks in the Granzerian arsenal, the project was abandoned in 2005 after some 900 tanks had been upgraded to T-74S1M3HM. The upgrades include but are not limited to a new modern FCS, new Granzerian Kazamata-1 ERA, twin top-mounted 20mm cannons for air defence and engaging low-flying targets.
        • BT-74S1M3: Elesarian engineering vehicle based on the T-74S1M3.
    • T-74S1MK: T-74S1M1 modified with new, modern FCS, optical suite and engine, and a redesigned turret bustle and autoloader to accomodate a 120mm gun capable of firing contemporary western rounds, offered primarily as an export tank. In addition the T-74S1MK has Elesarian VRYZV-3 ERA which is claimed to be equivalent to Stasnovan Kontakt-5. Manufactured by both Granzery and Elesar for export since 1999.
    • T-74S1M4: the Axis T74S1M4 (known in Granzerian nomenclature as the PcKTr-42S3) is a comprehensive upgrade of every aspect of the T-74S1 resulting in a tank that only superficially resembles the precursor. The upgrades included but were not limited to, a greatly uprated powerplant, upgrades to the drive train and hull including a new automatic transmission. New VRYZV-4 ERA was added on the front, sides and top of the tank. A new laser warning system, grenade dischargers, fire supression system, NBC suite and electromagnetic mine plow were installed. The most important improvement in firepower comes from the use of a modern computerized FCS with automatic target tracking, capability for a "hunter-killer" mode of operation. Upgrades to the optical suite include panoramic thermal sights for the commander and digital display for the driver, as well as front and rear cameras and access to satellite navigation system and battlefield management systems. The T-74S1M4 is also the first variant of the T-74S1M to feature ATGM capability, and is designed to fire the VIPER missile from its barrel.
      • T-74S1M4B: Introduced in 2008 the S1M4B houses its top mounted NSV machinegun in a remote weapons system and can be fitted with optical jammers.
      • PcHszJ-42: Granzerian Armoured recovery vehicle based on the T-74S1M4 with dozer blade with prominent rams mounted on the front of the vehicle, hydraulic crane on the right side of vehicle and a large built-up superstructure at the front of the hull with a large tackle block in front of it.
      • T-74S1M4 ELŐP: Introduced in 2005, the Granzerian PcKTr-43S4 is was developed as a variant program of the T-74S1M4 inspired by the T-74S1M3HM with most Elesarian components replaced with Granzerian counterparts to increase ease of local mass-production. Most noticeably, the tank is fitted with Granzerian-made Kazamata-2 explosive reactive armor and cage armor that provides protection against RPG rounds. The ELŐP is also fitted with a single top-mounted 30-mm autocannon.
    • T-74S1M5: Further development introduced in 2014. Upgrades include improved armor, armament, and mobility. The hull armor and cast turret have been upgraded with add-on Granzerian composite second generation TEKNŐ-type armour, equivalent to up to 1100mm RHA (rolled homogenous armor). The protection can also be improved with VZYRV-4 explosive reactive armor. The traditional T-74 autoloader has been replaced with a carousel type and is separate from the crew compartment, where the T-74 autoloader was located. The firepower has been greatly improved with the mounting of the Granzerian PL 115M 128mm smoothbore gun. The manned 12.7mm machine gun has been upgraded to be remotely operated. Other improvements include an upgraded fire control system. Other improvements include rubber skirts covering the lower hull and the tracks, also includes the capability to mount the Granzery-made KARTÁCS active defence system.
      • T-74S1MK2: Export model based off the T-74S1M5, unveiled in 2017 and intended to be fielded in Axis-aligned states without the capability to field the full S1M5 upgrade. Compared to the S1M5 it lacks the applique TEKNŐ armour and has less sophisticated Grozyar-manufactured Huzat-B explosive reactive armour, a 1000hp engine, and the same FCS found in the T-74S1M4, other internals are the same as the T-74S1M5.
  • T-97A Korzhev: Based off the T-74S1M chassis, the T-97 Korzhev was developed by Elesar in the early 2000s, and is barely recognisable to the original tank. The Korzhev has an elongated chassis, including seven road wheels, and a new gas turbine engine similar to those used in the Stasnovan T-82 main battle tank. The tank was also designed with a larger turret to accompany the then-in development PL 115M 128mm cannon. In addition to these changes the T-97A features a modified variant of the same FCS and optical suite in the T-74S1M4. It also has thicker frontal armour compared to any other T-74S1M variant and weighs significantly more. Noticeably the turret features a large box-shaped turret bustle, which houses a new autoloader in an armoured ammunition storage compartment with blowout panels, improving crew survivability when the tank is struck.
    • T-97B Korzhev: The T-97B Korzhev utilizes the new PL 115M 128mm smoothbore gun, as well as VZYRV-5 Explosive Reactive Armour and the KARTÁCS active defence system.

Lavikonan Variants[edit]

  • M-87: The M-87 main battle tank is a Lavikonan license-built variant of the T-74S1M. It is in service within the Lavikonan National Defence Forces, and a large amount of M-87s has been produced throughout the years.
    • M-87AS: The M-87AS is a more modernized variant of the M-87 main battle tank.
    • M-87AI: Armoured recovery vehicle variant of the M-87, estimated 539 operated by the Lavikonan National Defence Forces.


 Granzery: The Granzery Ground Forces operate 2,072 T-74S1M4 ELŐP, and 100 T-74S1M5 in active service. The S1M5s all serve as part of the 133rd Armoured Combat Regiment. The GGF also has about 2,600 T-74S1Ms in storage. Most in storage are of the T-74S1M2 type.

 Elesar: The Imperial Elesarian Armed Forces operate approximately 2,000 T-97 Korzhevs and 7,000 T-74S1Ms in active, of mostly T-74S1M4 and T-74S1M3 type, but with over 300 of T-74S1M5 type. Approximately 5,000 T-74S1M2s are in storage.

 Lavikona: The Lavikonan National Land Forces operate 1,936 M-87 tanks.

 Oskorev: The Oskorevan National Army operate 35 T-74S1Ms in active, of T-74S1M3 and T-74S1M2 type.

 Sytrica: The Sytrican Army operate 68 T-74S1Ms in active, of T-74S1ME, T-74S1M4 and T-74S1M2 type.

Template:Country data Volgaria: The Volgarian Army operates 1,000 T-74S1M4s bought from Granzery between 2016 and 2019. All remain in active service with the Volgarian Armed Forces.

 Tenburg: The New Tennish Army operates 200+ T-74S1M4s that were donated by Granzery during the Tennish Civil War.