Szabadsag-class destroyer

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Szabadsag-class destroyer
JDS Makinami (DD 112).jpg
GKH Geranz entering Sejpedek harbour, 2006
Class overview
Operators:  Granzery
Built: 1999-2010
In commission: 2000-present
Planned: 17
Building: 0
Completed: 17
Cancelled: 0
Active: 17
Lost: 0
Retired: 0
Preserved: 0
General characteristics
Type: General Purpose Destroyer

4,650 tons standard,

6,300 tons hull load
Length: 151 m
Beam: 17.4 m
Draught: 5.2 m
Propulsion: 4 × gas turbines coupled to two shafts, each driving a five-bladed reversible controllable-pitch propeller. Total output: 60,000 shp (45 MW)
Speed: 30 knots
Complement: 167
Sensors and
processing systems:

DYX-1000 CDS, DYQ-1030 ASWCS, TR-2-31M fire-control systems, KR-214L air search radar, KR-218T surface search radar, SÉ-5018 hull sonar,

Electronic warfare
& decoys:

QLQ-3 suite, Mtz. 36 SRBOC,

Towed torpedo countermeasures
Aircraft carried: 1 × anti-submarine helicopter