State Security Service

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State Security Service of the People's Republic of Lipnitia
Служба дєржавнай безопасности Народнаго Людовладства Липнитскай
Emblem of the SDB of Lipnitia

SDB headquarters in Dobromir
Special service overview
FormedJanuary 1, 1995
Preceding special service
HeadquartersDobromir, Lipnitia
EmployeesState secret
Special service executive

The State Security Service (SDB; Lipnitian: Служба дєржавнай безопасности Народнаго Людовладства Липнитскай, Služba dieržavnaj bezopasnosti Narodnago Liudovladstva Lipnitskaj), is the department of the Lipnitian government responsible for civilian intelligence operations.

The SDB was established by decree of President Stanislav Namyslov to replace the former Federal Security Committee completely following the collapse of the Sajuz.