State Security Directorate (Bloodia)

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State Security Directorate
Państwowy Zarząd Bezpieczeństwa

Emblem of the State Security Directorate
Agency overview
FormedOctober 1, 1933; 90 years ago (1933-10-01)
Annual budgetClassified

The State Security Directorate (Bloodian: Państwowy Zarząd Bezpieczeństwa), abbreviated as PZB, is the department of the Bloodian government responsible for intelligence operations. It was founded in 1933 for security and protection of state assets.


Mission and function[edit]

The State Security Directorate has the objective to use any measures against an individual or a group that poses a threat to the national sovereignty, security and integrity of Bloodia. The PZB is also heavily involved in gathering foreign intelligence and counterintelligence.


There are no official sources that state anything about the organization of the State Security Directorate, although it's believed to have four functioning offices with all four assigned to an individual division. No further information is available regarding any other offices or divisions, with the exception of the Black Guard.

Office Division Objective
Foreign Operations Service Foreign Operations Division Responsible for the gathering of foreign intelligence.
Internal Security Service Internal Operations Division Responsible for civilian intelligence.
Counterintelligence Service Counterintelligence Operations Division Responsible for anything regarding counterintelligence when the importance of the state is in question.
Black Guard Black Division Responsible for security needs of the party and state.