State Security Agency (Kadolha)

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State Security Agency
Државно-безбєдносно заступнищво
Državno-bezbjednosno zastupništvo

Emblem of the State Security Agency
Agency overview
FormedMay 5, 1922; 101 years ago (1922-05-05)
  • National Security Bureau
Annual budgetClassified
Minister responsible
Agency executive

The State Security Agency (Kadolhan: Државно-безбєдносно заступнищво / Državno-bezbjednosno zastupništvo), abbreviated as DBZ or ДБЗ, is the department of the Kadolhan government responsible for civilian intelligence operations. It was founded in 1922, and is the oldest functioning governmental agency in Kadolha, being the successor of the former National Security Bureau.


Mission and function[edit]

The State Security Agency has the objective to use any measures against an individual or a group that poses a threat to the national sovereignty, security and integrity of Kadolha. These threats include the trafficking of narcotics and weapons from or into Kadolha, but cases like arms smuggling and drug trafficking have become incredibly rare, because of the actions taken by the government which has eliminated several Kadolhan drug rings in the 20th century. The DBZ is also heavily involved in gathering foreign intelligence and counterintelligence.

Head executives[edit]

The head executive of the State Security Agency is directly chosen by the Bureau Executive of Internal Affairs; who himself is chosen by the Vrhovni Vođa.

Name In office Appointed by
Stefan Stanković 2004–present Antonije Milanković


There are no official sources that state anything about the organization of the State Security Agency, although it's believed to have three functioning offices with all three assigned to an individual division. No further information is available regarding any other offices or divisions.

Office Division Objective
Office of Special Security Operations Special Information Division Responsible for the gathering of foreign intelligence.
Office of National Security Internal Operations Division Responsible for civilian intelligence.
Counterintelligence Office Counterintelligence Operations Division Responsible for anything regarding counterintelligence when the importance of the state is in question.