Stasnovan Armed Forces

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Armed Forces of the Union of Socialist Republics of Stasnov
Вооруженные Силы Союза Социалистических Республик Стасновии
Armed Forces emblem.png
Emblem of the Armed Forces of Stasnov
Service branchesSRA.png Stasnovan Revolutionary Army

SRN PNG.png Stasnovan Revolutionary Navy
SRAAF PNG.png Stasnovan Revolutionary Air Force
SRF PNG.png Strategic Missile Troops
SSF PNG.png Stasnovan Space Forces

VDV PNG.png Stasnovan Airborne Troops
HeadquartersVastava, Stasnov
Commander-in-ChiefPremier Nikita Kartsev
Commissar of DefenceAlexander Lebedev
Chief of the General StaffAndrey Morozov
Military age18-30
Conscription2 Years
Active personnel1,904,930
Reserve personnel2,000,000
Budget$562.626 billion (2014)
Percent of GDP4.6%
Annual imports Gorbatov
Annual exports Gorbatov
File:Siviras flag.png Siviras
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The Stasnovan Armed Forces, officially the Armed Forces of the Union of Socialist Republics of Stasnov (Stasnovan: Вооруженные Силы Союза Социалистических Республик Стасновии; Vooruzhennyye Sily Soyuza Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik Stasnovii) are the armed forces of Stasnov. The Stasnovan Armed Forces were officially formed on November 25th, initially as just the Stasnovan Revolutionary Army. With the creation of the Stasnovan Revolutionary Navy on December the 8th, both organisations were combined into the Stasnovan Armed Forces of the Stasnovan Socialist Federative Republics and later the Union of Socialist Republics of Stasnov.

The Stasnovan Armed Forces are currently composed of six branches: the Stasnovan Revolutionary Army, the Stasnovan Revolutionary Navy, the Stasnovan Revolutionary Air Force, the Strategic Missile Troops (or Rocket Troops), the Airborne Troops and the Stasnovan Space Forces. The SAF is subordinate to the Stasnovan Ministry of Defence under Article 54 of the Constitution of the USRS, but all personnel swear an oath of allegience to the Communist Party. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is the Premier of the USRS, currently Nikita Kartsev, while the Chief of the General Staff, currently General Andrey Morozov, holds overall command of the Armed Forces.


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