Siege of Hauptplatz

The Siege of Hauptplatz is an ongoing battle in the city of Hauptplatz, as part of the Ausferilandian Civil War.

Siege of Hauptplatz
Part of Ausferilandian Civil War

Top: Destroyed Ausferilandian T-74B near Hauptplatz, Bottom: Damaged buildings in Hauptzplatz
DateJanuary 9 2020 - present
Hauptzplatz, Ausferiland
Result Ongoing
Dermish Protection Front
Template:Country data Volgaria
Commanders and leaders
Ausferiland Petko Alexander
Zolevskoy Kiril Deliivanov
Ranulph Logan
Republic of Ausfer-Volgaria Andreas Josef
Template:Country data Volgaria Markus Köstler
Units involved
Ausferiland Ausferiland National Defense Force
Zolevskoy Republic of Zolevskoy Armed Forces
Foreign Brigade Ausferiland
Ausfer-Volgaria United Armed Forces of Ausfer-Volgaria
Volgarian Armed Forces
National Security Service
~20,000 ~19,000
Casualties and losses
185 killed, 400 wounded, 24 captured, 13 tanks destroyed, 27 armored vehicles destroyed 150 killed, 450 wounded, heavy vehicle losses
  • Civilians killed/wounded: at least 10,000

Prelude edit

Events edit

Siege begins edit

Initial rebel gains edit

Ausferilandian/Zolevskoyan counterattack edit

Volgarian intervention and continued stalemate edit

Strategic importance edit

According to the Ausferilandian government, Hauptplatz remains a strategically vital city to hold due to the capital of Acre being the next city the rebels will attack if it falls. For this reason, the Ausferilandian military has diverted most of it's attention to preventing Hauptplatz from falling, while also maintaining it's defense of other areas which could be used to surround the city.