Shaman-class fast attack craft

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RZNV Talasam
Class overview
Builders: Ziridava Southern Shipyard, Kamarovo
Built: 1983-present
In service: 1995-present
In commission: 1995-present
Planned: 14
Completed: 11
General characteristics
Type: Fast attack craft
Displacement: 369 tonnes
Length: 48.90 meters
Beam: 8.65 meters
Draft: 2.15 meters
Propulsion: 3 diesel M520 engines, 5,324 horsepower each
Speed: 36 knots
Range: 3,000 km
Complement: 33
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • SR/N-3790 radar
  • STING EO fire control radar
  • 8 × SB-07 anti-ship missiles
  • 1 × 76mm AK-176 gun
  • 1 × AK-630 TBD CIWS
  • 2 × PPO Shtuka launcher
  • 2 x M2HB 50. cal heavy machine gun posts

The Shaman class is a series of fast attack crafts made in Ziridava, and has been in service with the Republic of Ziridava Navy since 1995. Other foreign operators include the Hudian Navy.


The original project was prepared by the Ziridavan People's Navy was named Project 660. After the the fall of the Ziridavan communist government, the project was paused, but later continued in 1990 and successfully completed by the Southern Shipyard in Kamarovo.

In 2013 the Ministry of Defence ordered for a modernization of all the ships. All ships in the RZN were rearmed with SB-07 AShM launchers, NSVs were replaced by the M2HB for mounted HMGs, and 9K38 Igla MANPADs were replaced by the PPO Shtuka. New sensors and radar were also equipped onto the vessels.