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Satarian National Union
Satarski Národní Savez
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Location of  Sataria  (dark green) in Zemlya  (grey)
Location of  Sataria  (dark green)

in Zemlya  (grey)

and largest city
Official languagesSatarian
Recognised National LanguagesLipnitian, Bloodian
Ethnic groups (2015)
GovernmentRevivalist one-party state
Nikolas Baněc
Ivan Draholibec
• Proto-Sataria
• Kingdom of Satarica
• Kingdom of Sataria
• Second Kingdom
• Tzardom of Sataria
4 February 1812
1 January 1947
• Current constitution
30 May 1992
• Total
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• Water (%)
• 2014 estimate
• 2015 census
• Density
139.8/km2 (362.1/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2017 estimate
• Total
$1.002 trillion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2017 estimate
• Total
$398.230 billion
• Per capita
Gini (2014)32.2
HDI (2016)Increase 0.881
very high
CurrencyLisca (SLA)
Time zoneKradelas Standard Time (UTC+2)
Drives on theright
ISO 3166 codeST

Sataria (Satarian: Satarska), officially the Satarian National Union (Satarski Národní Savez), is a sovereign state in Zemlya. Sataria is a Union of 14 regions, 1 having a moderate level of autonomy. Sataria covers an area of 223,047‬ square kilometres. Sataria has a population of 24.9 million people, with the population starting to increase for the first time in 93 years. The capital and largest city of Sataria is Mirovec. Other major cities in the country are Punat, Samoborine, Sveti Petar Ka Razovana, Vrhovine, Šumogoj, Raspatani, Mozavice, Novi Čereski. Sataria has access to Pilsudic Sea and borders Bloodia, Kadolha, Lipnitia and Reismov.


Early history[edit]

The first common appearance of Sataria was when Slavic tribes formed Proto-Sataria in 810. This country is largely unknown, the only records of it available are from an unknown writer. The records state that Proto-Sataria was a country of illiterate, technologically stagnated inhabitans. Nothing else is known about this period of time in the Satarian history.

In 1207, king Jećanin formed the Kingdom of Satarica. He focused on getting the country literate and un-impoverished. He brought new concepts like Feudalism into the kingdom. He was largely popular with the populace, and because the literacy of the kingdom increased, a lot is known about this period of time and onwards. Satarica was called "The land of intellectuals and drunks" since it had many universities and schools, but its fertile golden fields allowed for a huge production of beer. Satarican beer was a highly sought-after comodity in this time. king Jećanin even sent barrels of Satarican beer as pay for the nobles that worked for him.

First Satarian Kindom[edit]

In 1482, king Marko Marojić siezed power and crowned himself absolute monarch. The kingdom of Sataria,the first usage of the name "Sataria" was founded. He brought in strict rules, raised taxes to absurd ammounts and prosecuted anyone who didn't want to or was unable to pay them. Marojić also siezed all land from Farmers and workers, making them pay a hefty rent just to live in their own homes. Any rebellion was ended with massacre of the rebels. The whole population of Sataria lived in fear.

Satarian-Bloodian union[edit]

After 22 years, the Bloodian-Satarian Union was formed. It formed from a personal union between 1504 and 1784. The Krzywicki dynasty ruled Sataria for 293 years. The Satarian population was mistreated and had less privileges than the Bloodian population at this time, and a few genocides upon the Satarian population commited by Bloodian Forces happened in the region of Rudnikowa, after a rebellion killed 201 Bloodian soldiers. This union was highly unpopular with Satarians.

Second Satarian kindom[edit]

The second Satarian Kingdom was formed in 1784, when Bloodia had an revolution, and the Bloodian monarch, King Włodzisław IV, claimed the Satarian throne. His rule was highly unpopular though, with many rebellions and coup attempts. During His rule, support for a Satarian tzardom grew extremely quickly, and in 1797, a tzarist coup claimed King Włodzisław IV's life. In the short time span that King Włodzisław IV ruled Sataria, so many coup attempts and rebellions took a huge toll on his mental health, and so, during the last coup, he committed suicide just before the rebels reached his chamber.

The Tzardom[edit]

The Tzardom of Sataria was founded in 1797 following the death of Włodzisław IV. The first Satarian tzar was Tzar Jozef Pisčin. To commemorate the victory, a huge palace was built outside of Mirogoj, called the "Palace of Spring" (Since the coup happened in April), where Satarian tzars would rule until the fall of the Satarian Tzardom in 1923. The early Tzardom took Sataria out of feudalism, creating many new factories and farms. In the mid to late 19th century, a network of railways was built connecting the major Satarian cities. Sataraian citizens were mostly happy with the Tzardom until the early 1910s, when the ideals of Communism started to spread. At this point, living standards fell down in Sataria, wages and work conditions became miserable. After a big recession hit Sataria in 1921, the government tried frantically to fix it by printing more bank notes, which led to inflation. Prices of food stayed the same though, which led to huge anger within the populace. Communists overthrew the Tzar in 1947 in the "Satarian Red Revolution"

Satarian Federal Socialist Council Republic[edit]

Satarian Federal Socialist Council Republic took power in 1947. From 1947 to 1954, the Satarian SCR hugely industrialized the country. This industrialization partly originated from a discovery of large oil deposits in the north-east of the country in 1929. Huge oil wells and oil pipelines and refineries were built in this time. The cities became more connected, as automobiles became cheaper and more wide-spread, with the invention of the assembly line. Train lines were also built to the smaller towns and rural areas of Sataria, and a huge surge in ship building occurred. The standard of living skyrocketed, as did the life expectancy. With the invention of vaccines in 1954, the life expectancy got even bigger, now at 61.3 years During this time, the Satarian Automobile took shape, as well as the Satarian Iron, steel, Tungsten and Chromium industries. The first Satarian nuclear power plant was built in 1969.

The Satarian National Union[edit]

The Satarian National Union formed following the downfall of the communist government, which was caused by civil unrest, an invasion by Bloodia and a failing economy. The Satarian National Party, or SNP, took power after the downfall of the communists, on 30th May, 1992.





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