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SPP-18 in Ziridavan service
Type Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
Place of origin People's Republic of Ziridava
Service history
In service 1981–present
Production history
Designer Krazalskgrad Design Bureau
Designed 1976
Produced 1980–1986
Number built 300
Weight 27.5 tons
Length 11.15 m (36.6 ft)
Width 3.00 m (9.84 ft)
Height 4.05 m (13.3 ft)
Crew 5

x1 30mm 2A38 autocannon (1000 rounds total)
x4 Igla-1
x4 PPO-05 Shtuka (MO6G)
Engine T2-930-34
253.7 kW (340.2 hp)
600 km (370 mi)
Speed 90 km/h (56 mph)

The SPP-18 (English: Self Propelled Low Altitude Anti-Air 18, Ziridavan: Самоходно противовъздушно пространство 18) is a self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon designed in produced in the People's Republic of Ziridava. It is armed with a surface-to-air gun and missile system. It is designed to provide day and night protection for ground forces against low-flying aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles in all weather conditions.


The SPP-18 was designed in response to the Ziridava People's Army request for an indigenous anti-air system to replace the ZSU-23-4.

In 2006, a program began to modernize all SPP-18s in use with the Republic of Ziridava Armed Forces to the MO6G standard (Модернизиран 2006 г./Modernized 2006). Although the 2A38M autocannon was kept, the Igla-1 anti-air missiles were replaced with modern Mistral missiles. Upgrades and additions include the surveillance and fire-control radar, electro-optical targeting system, panoramic periscope, forward looking infrared system, laser rangefinder, thermal sight, a TV camera, and a digital fire-control system. The combined targeting system of EOTS, FLIR, and LRF has a targeting range of over 10 km (6.2 mi). The new TRNNV-05 radar can detect and track a 2 m2 (22 sq ft)-RCS target from a range of 17 km (11 mi). The TRNNV-05 radar is an X-band (8 to 12.5 GHz) surveillance and fire-control pulse-Doppler radar, and was developed a year before the SPP-18-MO6G. It specializes in use against low-flying aircraft. Its features include real-time early warning, multiple target detection, an integral L-band (1 to 2 GHz) Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) subsystem, pulse compression, frequency agility, and adaptive moving target indication as an anti-chaff measure. It supplies ballistic computation data to the digital fire-control system to direct the aim of the electro-optical targeting system, which then aligns the 30 mm guns with the target for accurate fire. The radar can be installed on a separate vehicle to serve as an independent surveillance platform for other short range air defense systems. The secondary FLIR system and laser rangefinder supplements the TRNNV-05 radar to provide additional targeting means in case the radar is rendered inoperative, or is turned off to retain the element of surprise against aircraft that are equipped with radar warning receivers.



  • SPP-18: Original system, with Igla-1 missiles with a range of 5.2 km.
  • SPP-18-MO6G: Modernization upgrade which replaced the Igla-1s with PPO-05 Shtuka missiles, as well as new upgraded radars and fire control systems.