Royal Narcotics Police

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Royal Narcotics Police
Királyi Kábítószerellenes Rendőrség
Seal of the RNP
Flag of the RNP
Agency overview
FormedMay 7, 1917; 106 years ago (1917-05-07)
  • Prohibited Substance Enforcement
HeadquartersMejetet, Granzery
Annual budgetClassified
Minister responsible
Agency executive
  • Bonifác Deszo, Chief of Operations
Parent departmentMinistry of Justice

The Royal Narcotics Police (Granzerian: Királyi Kábítószerellenes Rendőrség), abbreviated as RNP or KKR in Granzerian, is a narcotics enforcement agency responsible for enforcing the laws pertaining to prohibited substance possession, distribution and manufacture. The RNPs duties also include the prohibition of other illegal contraband including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

The Royal Narcotics Police was originally formed in 1917 under the name, Federal Narcotics Police. During the rule of the Democratic Republic of Granzery, the Federal Narcotics Police was incorporated into the policing bureau of the, National Intelligence Committee, the People's Police Commission.



Most of the RNP's equipment comes from the arsenal of the Granzerian Royal Defence Force.

Infantry weapons[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartridge Note
FÉMC UHF  Granzery Assault Carbine 5.5×48mm Limited service.
FÉMC AK72  Granzery Assault Rifle 7.62×39mm Limited service.
G56K  Granzery Submachine gun 9×19mm Primary weapon used by the Narcotics Police
MP5  Chilokver Submachine gun 9×19mm
SP 3M Template:Country data Volgaria Shotgun 12 Gauge
MP 98M  Granzery Sniper Rifle 7.35×56mm


The RNP uses a highly limited number of armoured vehicles, consisting of twelve SpKFz 390M Griffmadár Armoured security vehicles.

In addition to these armoured vehicles, the FNP utilizes a far greater number of unarmoured military vehicles, including over sixty lightly armoured Csába 270M G four-wheel drives, and twenty-nine Csába LH4127 trucks.