Rosvo PU-19

From Atlas

Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin Astronea
Service history
In service 2000-Present
Used by Astronea
Production history
Designed 1994-1996
Manufacturer Rosvo Sporting Arms
Unit cost $325
Produced 1997-present
Weight 0.885 kg (1.95 lb)
Length 182 mm (7.2 in)
Barrel length 110 mm (4.3 in)
Width 34 mm
Height 135 mm

Cartridge 9x19mm, .40
Action Short recoil operated, locked breech
Rate of fire semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity 320 metres per second (1,000 ft/s)
Effective range 25–30 metres (27–33 yd)
Maximum range 45–50 metres (49–55 yd)
Feed system 15, 17- or 21-round detachable box magazine
Sights Interchangeable 3-dot notch sight, weaver mount for optics

Rosvo Sporting Arms' PU-19 is a compact, polymer framed , striker-fired SA/DA pistol for the civilian and law enforcement markets. Standard chamber offerings include 9x19 and .40, however other calibers may be accommodated with minor modification at the factory.

The pistol uses a short recoil operating system with a locked breech A red-painted protruding pin acts as a cocking indicator on the rear of the slide, while a loaded chamber indicator in the form of an extractor on the right side of the slide that gets recessed in the slide when a cartridge is present in the chamber. Ergonomics are a key design consideration of the PU-19. Its injection-molded grip is designed to be anti-slip with or without the use of glove, in dry or wet conditions, featuring prominent checkering to give a comfortable, firm grip that rides high in the shooter's hand.

The use of a striker is a departure from traditional exposed hammer systems popular in Astronea, and as such has seen limited adoption by Astronean police units, however is popular on the civilian market both domestically and abroad.


Some ambidextrous controls sacrifice shootability and comfort in the name of functionality, with some ambidextrous magazine releases having the potential to be accidentally pushed by virtue of squeezing the pistol grip. To prevent this, Rosvo designed the magazine release to be integrated with the trigger guard as a paddle-style release, well out of the way of the grip, while still being easily accessible by the trigger finger. Serrations across the rear and front of the slide assist with creating a positive non-slip grip for cycling the action.

A decocker is located on the slide of the weapon to allow for the firearm to be carried in condition 2, or for the deactivating of the two-stage trigger that is present for the first shot of every new magazine. The PU-19 has an ambidextrous thumb safety as standard, located at the rear of the frame, and a small slide release on both sides of the frame prevents snagging. Total length is 182mm, with a standard barrel length of 110mm. The PU-19 is designed for concealment, and as such has a slim profile of 34mm width, and 135mm height. Fitted with a 17 round magazine, the PU-19 weighs 885 grams, or 625 grams empty, thanks to extensive use of fiberglass reinforced polymers.

The pistol can be quickly field stripped into its main parts by removing the magazine and retracting the slide. Once retracted back, the user depresses a takedown toggle and brings the slide forward. The slide will detach from the frame, taking the recoil spring and barrel assembly with it. Critical firing components such as the fire control group, trigger assembly, safety and magazine release use spanner screws to keep them captive in place. Physical vapour deposition is used to apply a special Tenifer coating to all metal components, notably the slide. This gives the pistol slide a matte grey, non-glare finish, while providing extreme wear and corrosion resistance. It provides up to 98% resistance to corrosion from salt water and a hardness rating of C on the Rockwell scale.

The iron sights are made of metal, have three high contrast dots and are adjustable for windage and elevation. A protective plate covers a weaver mounting for the addition of RMR optics, while the lower frame provides mounting for lasers and illumination devices. The PU-19 also comes with adjustable back-straps on the pistol grip for three different sizes.