Republic of Ziridava Navy

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Republic of Ziridava Navy

Active 1991–present
Country  Ziridava
Type Navy
Size 35,000 active duty personnel
Part of Republic of Ziridava Armed Forces
Colors Green, blue, white, black
Anniversaries January 1 1991 (Armed Forces Day)
Fleet List of active Republic of Ziridava Navy ships
Engagements 2020 Zolev-Ausferilandian War
Commander in-chief Evgeni Mihov
Minister of Defense Kliment Genov
Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Ludmil Todorov
Naval ensign
Naval jack
Aircraft flown
Helicopter SH-79B-6, Z-3WARM Anakonda, Si-14
Patrol P-3C Orion, M28B 1RM bis
Transport M28B

The Republic of Ziridava Navy, also known as the RZN, is the naval warfare service branch of the Ziridavan armed forces, responsible for naval and amphibious operations. The Ziridavan navy has about 20,000 regular personnel. The Republic of Ziridava Navy is a Green-water navy, primarily tasked with defending the country's coasts, economic zones, and conducting operations in the Achelian Sea.



Eastern Flotilla[edit]

Byala Naval Base

  • 1st Coastal Patrol Squadron - (RZNV Dren, RZNV Kometin, RZNV Krupnik)

Shabla Naval Base

  • 2nd Surface Ship Squadron - (RZNV Nikola Desislav, RZNV Lvil)
  • 5th Corvette Squadron - (RZNV Damavik, RZNV Dzedka, RZNV Malniya, RZNV Dobrotich)
  • 1st Minehunting Squadron - (RZNV Tsibar, RZNV Bolotnitsa, RZNV Veliki, RZNV Razvigo)
  • 1st Amphibious Squadron - (RZNV Briz, RZNV Sadko, RZNV Koliada, RZNV Peklabog)

Debreski Naval Base

  • 1st Surface Ship Squadron - (RZNV Lazavik, RZNV Tsiper, RZNV Minkel)
  • 3rd Surface Ship Squadron - (RZNV Gordi, RZNV Lamya, RZNV Torbalan)
  • 4th Corvette Squadron - (RZNV Iskar, RZNV Boruta, RZNV Kappa)
  • 2nd Minehunting Squadron - (RZNV Rgotina, RZNV Stara Zagora, RZNV Vuglevsti)
  • 2nd Patrol Squadron - (RZNV Musala, RZNV Madzhare, RZNV Dospey, RZNV Akvila)

Sveti Blas Naval Base

  • 2nd Fast Missile Squadron - (RZNV Reshitelni, RZNV Talasam, RZNV Dracus, RZNV Samojuda)
  • 2nd Coastal Patrol Squadron - (RZNV Vlahi, RZNV Rayovo, RZNV Aleko)

Western Flotilla[edit]

Balgarevo Naval Base

  • 1st Submarine Squadron - (RZNV Bodri, RZNV Urška)
  • 2nd Submarine Squadron - (RZNV Zalika, RZNV Shkval, RZNV Vodyanoy)
  • 4th Surface Ship Squadron - (RZNV Golija, RZNV Derekare, RZNV Brat)
  • 1st Patrol Squadron - (RZNV Kostenets, RZNV Ibar, RZNV Raduil, RZNV Belmeken)

Fazani Naval Base

  • 3rd Fast Missile Squadron - (RZNV Erisvorsh, RZNV Sliven, RZNV Karmar, RZNV Sambo)
  • 4th Surface Ship Squadron - (RZNV Ravoc, RZNV Starac, RZNV Enina)
  • 1st Fast Missile Squadron - (RZNV Krivi Vir, RZNV Paracin, RZNV Vrtiste, RZNV Bosnjane)

Beglik Tash Naval Base

  • 3rd Coastal Patrol Squadron - (RZNV Rozhen, RZNV Hotovo, RZNV Spatovo)

Naval Aviation Brigade[edit]

  • 35th Veselin Naval Airbase in Gvodnia
    • Veselin Air Group
      • 4 M28B transport aircraft
      • 6 SH-79B-6 Seagoose shipborne ASW helicopters
      • 6 AS565 Panther SAR helicopters
      • 2 training and liaison helicopters
  • 36th Mitko-Ilarion Naval Airbase in Samakin
    • Mitko Air Group
      • 5 M28B-1R maritime patrol aircraft
      • 3 P-3 Orion and 2 M28B 1RM bis maritime patrol and submarine detection aircraft
      • 2 M28B 1E environmental monitoring aircraft
    • Ilarion Air Group
      • 2 SAR helicopters Mi-14ZL/R
      • 6 SH-79B-6 Seasgoose ASW helicopters
      • 2 AS565 Panther SAR helicopters
      • 2 training and liaison helicopters
  • Naval Hydrographical Bureau in Kamarovo
  • 6th EW Center in Kamarovo
  • Naval Training Center in Slovoban
  • Naval NCO School in Slovoban
  • Diving and Deep Diving Training Center

Coastal Defense Force Command[edit]

  • 1st Anti-ship Missile Brigade - 6 SB-07 launchers, 48 missiles
  • 2nd Anti-Ship Missile Brigade - 6 SB-07 launchers, 48 missiles
  • 3rd Anti-Ship Missile Brigade - 6 SB-07 launchers, 48 missiles


Map of RZN disposition

The Ziridavan navy currently operates a total of 7 bases: Shabla, Balgarevo, Debreski, Byala, Sveti Blas, Fazani, and Beglik Tash.

The Debreski Naval Base is currently the largest, followed by the Shabla and Balgarevo bases.



The RZN's fleet consists of 63 ships, including 8 amphibious warfare ships (4 doubling as minelayers), 11 fast attack crafts, 3 destroyers, 9 frigates, 9 corvettes, 4 minehunters, 7 minesweepers, 6 auxiliary ships, and 6 diesel-electric attack submarines.