Republic of Ziridava Ground Forces

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Republic of Ziridava Ground Forces

Emblem of the RZGF
Active 1991–present
Country  Ziridava
Allegiance President of Ziridava
Type Army
Role Ground warfare
Size 100,000 active duty
80,000 reserves
Part of Republic of Ziridava Armed Forces
Colors Yellow, green, blue, white
Anniversaries January 1 1991 (Armed Forces Day)
Equipment Equipment of the Republic of Ziridava Ground Forces
Engagements 2020 Zolev-Ausferilandian War
2021 Kozelsk Conflict
Commander in-chief Evgeni Mihov
Minister of Defense Kliment Genov
Chief of Ground Forces Staff Lt. Gen. Kiril Deliivanov

The Republic of Ziridava Ground Forces (Ziridavan: Република Зиридава сухопътни войски/Republika Ziridava Sukhopŭtni Voĭski) is the ground warfare branch of the Republic of Ziridava Armed Forces. The force currently employs 100,000 active personnel, forming the largest component of the Ziridavan armed forces. The Ziridavan army's recorded history dates back as far as the 1600s, and has gone through many different forms and names in the country's life.





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Units and formations (2022)[edit]

RZGF paratroopers on an exercise

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