Republic of Ziridava Special Operations Force

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Republic of Ziridava Special Operations Force

Emblem of the SSOZ
Active 2010–present
Country  Ziridava
Type Special forces
Role Counter terrorism
Direct action
Special operations
Unconventional warfare
Psychological warfare
Size Unknown
Part of Republic of Ziridava Armed Forces
Motto Нашият час е сега (Our Hour is Now)
Colors Black and grey
Anniversaries August 8 2010
Engagements 2020 Zolev-Ausferilandian War
2021 Kozelsk Conflict
Commander in-chief Evgeni Mihov
Minister of Defense Kliment Genov
Chief of Special Operations Force Staff Major General Zhelyazko Ognyanov

The Republic of Ziridava Special Operations Force (Ziridavan: Силите за специални операции на Република Зиридава/romanized: Silite za Spetsialni Operatsii na Republika Ziridava), more commonly known as the Ziridava Special Operations Forces (Силите за специални операции Зиридава/Silite za spetsialni operatsii Ziridava, SSOZ) is the special forces branch of the Ziridavan armed forces, as well as the newest. The branch was formed in 2010 as part of the RZAF's reorganization efforts. All units in the force operate under the Special Operations Forces Command (Ziridavan: Командване на силите за специални операции/Komandvane na silite za spetsialni operatsii, KSSO). Although an independent branch, the SSOZ often acts in support of other branches in the Ziridavan armed forces.


Known operations[edit]


3rd Special Purpose Regiment operator performing shooting drills



140th SOF operators on an exercice

Special Operations Forces Command (KSSO) - Progena

Command and combat support units

  • 99th Command and Support Battalion - Vybor
  • 142nd Education and Training Center - Vybor

Land warfare special purpose units

Seaborne special purpose units:

Information and psychological warfare units:


Name Type Photo Notes
Small arms
ACE Roland P613 Semi-auto pistol Standard pistol in 3rd and 8th Special Purpose Regiments, 73rd Maritime Special Operations
Pistole-2000SK Semi-auto pistol Standard pistol in 140th Special Operations Forces
MAC-57 Semi-auto pistol Used for close protection
AR-M Assault rifle Used by 3rd Special Purpose Regiment
AR-M75F Assault rifle Used by 8th Special Purpose Regiment
Vulkan Bullpup assault rifle Used by 140th Special Operations Forces
MARS 5.56 Carbine Used by 73rd Maritime Special Operations
SVD Designated marksman rifle Used by 140th SOF, 8th and 3rd Special Purpose Regiments
MARS-H Designated marksman rifle Used by 73rd Maritime Special Operations
G338 MSRWS Sniper Rifle
MG-M2 General purpose machine gun Used by 8th/3rd Special Purpose Regiments and 140th SOF
FM-28AP Light machine gun Used by 73rd Maritime Special Operations
MP3A5 Submachine gun Standard SMG
P90 PDW Used for close protection
M203 Grenade launcher Used by 73rd Maritime Special Operations
UBGL-1 Grenade launcher
Schrotflinte-57g Shotgun
Anti-Panzergewehr-10a Anti-material rifle File:M82A1 barrett.jpeg
RFG-49 Recoilless rifle
Panzerrakete-90b Anti-tank guided missile
RPG-7 Rocket propelled grenade
Recoilfreiesgewehr-6 Disposable recoilless rifle


Name Type Variant In service Notes
HMMWV Four-wheel drive multi-purpose vehicle M1165A1 45
Plasan Puma MRAP Puma SPS 10
Toyota Four-wheel drive vehicle Land Cruiser
Land Rover Defender Four-wheel drive vehicle 90