Republic of New Cambria Defence Force

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Republic of New Cambria Defence Force
Service branchesARNC


HeadquartersDonvichy, New cambria

The Republic of New Cambria is the military organisation responsible for the defence of New Cambria





Small Arms & Personal Equipment[edit]


Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
M1930 FN Hi Power.jpg  Vazandia Pistol 9x19mm Being replaced by the ACE Roland P613.
P613 SIGSauerP226.JPG  Acronia Pistol 9x19mm Main service pistol.
M1994 Carbine M4A1 ACOG.jpg  New Cambria
Assault Rifle 5.56x45mm Main Service Rifle.
M38 M1 Carbine Mk I - USA - Armémuseum.jpg  Vazandia Carbine .30 Carbine Ceremonial Rifle.
M1954 SLRL1A1.jpg  New Cambria
Battle Rifle 7.62x51mm Former service rifle, semi-automatic. Still sees service with reservists.
M1984 Carbine FNC IMG 1527.jpg  New Cambria
Assault Rifle 5.56x45mm Extensive service with reserves and frontline troops.
FM-28AP M249 Automatic Rifle.jpg  Odentia Light machine gun 5.56×45mm Standard issue LMG/SAW.

Anti-Tank and Anti-Air[edit]

Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
FA-141 File:AT-4Launcher.jpeg  New Cambria Recoilless anti tank weapon 84mm (launcher only) Main service infantry anti-tank.
Mistral Mistralmanpads.jpg  Acronia MANPADS 90mm Main service MANPADS.
Eryx ERYX-2ndFrInReg 2.jpg  Acronia Anti-tank Guided Missile 136mm Standard ATGM.


Name Image Origin Type Quantity Details
Spearhawk F-35A flight (cropped).jpg  Acronia Multirole Fighter 12 To replace the Mirage 2000
KFZ-7/Sb Strike Falcon McDonnell Douglas F-15 arrives RIAT Fairford 10thJuly2014 arp.jpg  Vazandia Multirole Fighter 48 12 of KFZ-7/SbU variant
Mirage 2000 NC Mirage 2000 Peru.jpg  Acronia Multirole Fighter 72
TTFZ-20 Pelican Lockheed C-130 Hercules.jpg  Vazandia Tactical and Strategic Airlifter 8
APAM 67/08 Chile-c-295 20001.jpg  Temischa Maritime Patrol 5
A/AH-75 Kingfisher AH-64D Apache Longbow.jpg  Acronia Attack Helicopter 34 Another 6 on order.
UH-79 Goose UH-60 2nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment (cropped).jpg  Acronia Utility/Transport Helicopter 73 Medium utility/transport helicopter,

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles[edit]

Name Image Origin Type Quantity Details
VCAP-12 "Faucon" TAI Anka Teknofest2019 (1).jpg  Temischa UCAV 26



Model Image Type In Service Main Armament Origin Details
M1A3 Swancoates M60a3.jpg Main Battle Tank 118 105 mm rifled gun  Temischa A further 150 remain in reserve armoured brigades. 64 reactivated in December 2020 with the rest expected to follow through 2021.
M1A5 Swancoates Leonardo M60A3.jpg Main Battle Tank 123 120 mm smoothbore gun  Temischa
 New Cambria
Ongoing process to modernize the fleet of Swancoates with Temischan assistance.
M10 Wayland M10a2wayland.jpg Main Battle Tank 164 120 mm smoothbore gun  Chilokver
 New Cambria
Approximately 96 have been upgraded to M10A2, the rest the M10A1.

Armoured Fighting Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Main Armament Origin Details
M10 Rapier Boxer Land 400.jpg Armoured personnel carrier 400 Modular mountings.  Vazandia
 New Cambria
To replace the VAB.
M1 VAB VAB VOA 012 FR.JPG Armoured personnel carrier 2,600 12.7mm HMG  Acronia Main APC.
Véhicule Blindé Léger VBL RHP Afghanistan.JPG Armoured Car 700 7.62mm GPMG  Acronia Being replaced by the Aligátor.
Bergmann Alligator Summit County Sheriff SWAT MRAP - 15909118972.jpg MRAP 300 N/A  New Cambria Main Fireteam mobility vehicle.
M81 Holden M2bradley.jpg Infantry Fighting Vehicle 590 25mm chain guns
Anti-tank missiles
 New Cambria
New Cambrian Variant of the VCI m.81 "Âne".
M3A1 FSV Miller Puckapunyal-M113-MRV-1-1.jpg Infantry Fighting Vehicle 198 76mm low velocity gun  Chilokver
 New Cambria
Local variant of the CAV-3 Ladybird including a low velocity gun capable of firing HE-Frag, HESH, Smoke or Canister rounds. Unknown stockpiled, expected to be in excess of 1000 stockpiled.
M3 Drummer Lithuanian Armed Forces M113A2.jpg Armoured personnel carrier 90 .50 cal HMG  Chilokver
 New Cambria
Used as mortar carrier


Self-propelled Artillery[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
CAESAR CAESAR 14juillet Metz.jpg Self-propelled artillery 44  Acronia Main service howitzer.
PH100 Arquebus Dutch Panzerhaubitz fires in Afghanistan.jpg Self-propelled artillery 84  Vazandia Main service howitzer.
M4T1 M270 MRLS (18963219839).jpg Multiple rocket launcher 30  Vazandia Multiple rocket launcher. In active service.


Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
VBL Mistral Mistral vbl.jpg Short range Surface-to-air missile 34  Acronia High mobility short range infrared air defence.
M13 Blackeye Oeilnoir.jpg Self propelled anti air gun 36  Acronia
 New Cambria
Acronian AMX-13 outfitted with twin 30mm radar guided cannons.
Crotale Crotale missile launchers DSC00866.jpg Medium range Surface-to-air missile 88  Acronia
FAR-16E Guardian Patriot missile launch b.jpg Theatre Air Defence 15  Vazandia